For over 80 years, Nevco has developed innovative and unique scoring solutions to help you get the most out of your game-day experience. With reliable personal service, we begin as your project partner, and become your dependable support system for years to come.


For more than 80 years and after over 100,000 installations worldwide, Nevco has created a name for itself as the industry leader in baseball, softball, football, basketball, soccer, and multi-sport scoreboard customization, reliability and support.

Nevco scoreboards are UL/CUL Listed and are supported by a 5-year factory parts warranty, ensuring that your scoreboard is built to last.

Whether you’re looking for a basic scoreboard or a top-of-the-line integrated solution, Nevco offers a variety of upgrades and add-ons to allow you to customize your scoreboard when the time is right for you.

Choosing the right scoreboard is more than just providing the score, it’s about enhancing the game-day atmosphere for student athletes, coaches and fans at every game.

Click the sport icons below and browse our scoreboard models to find the ideal sports scoreboard for your athletic facility.

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The Nevco Difference

Are your fields ready for the outdoor athletics season? View our outdoor scoreboards and scoring solutions in an easy-to-read PDF and check out some of our recent projects.

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Nevco offers the flexibility to upgrade your existing wired scoreboards to a wireless digital scoreboard at any time. It’s simple and low-cost, and you can keep your wireless controller to use with a future purchase.

Don’t want to get out the console controller for every game and practice? Our MPCX2 handheld controllers are perfect for scoring youth and secondary sporting events. Now every coach can have their own handheld controller for their sport scoreboard to be used for practices, scrimmages, and summer camps. Shop for MPCX2 controllers here.

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Basic one-sided baseball scoreboards, prominent football scoreboards with detailed trusses, massive 360-degree, 4-face video boards hanging at center court, or whatever scoreboard design you’ve had in mind, Nevco has the experience, consultative approach and full product line to help you design a scoring solution to meet your needs and budget.


Only Nevco allows you to easily upgrade your existing scoreboard to a full-featured, hybrid, multi-sport scoreboard at any time.

Our innovative technology lets you start with a basic scoreboard model today and add on scoring accessories later to build your dream scoring solution at your own pace.

While other vendors make you throw out your existing scoreboard to upgrade to a new one, Nevco products are built to be upgradable so you can add on instead of replace. Whether you want to add electronic team names (ETNs), Intelligent Captions™, or full-color LED message centers or video boards, a Nevco consultant will work with you along the way to help you build your full scoring solution.


Nevco’s Full Matrix virtual scoreboards are LED displays that offer live scoring data, player stats, messaging, advertisements and graphics that get your fans and players pumped.

All it takes is a quick click of the mouse to easily toggle back and forth between important scoring data in the scoreboard mode. Use in-game instant messages to excite your fans, or click on advertising playlists to promote your sponsors.

Our Process

Nevco’s proven, nine-step process for designing, creating and installing your customized scoring solution.

Recent Projects

Nevco partners with clients to maximize their impact and create memorable game-day experiences.

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