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Portable Video Production Kits for Remote Streaming 

Nevco’s Portable Production Kits for Remote Streaming, powered by DataVideo, put you in control. Equipped with everything needed to enhance your school’s video production, our streaming equipment even offers the ability to take your production on the road. Increase exposure for your school’s events through our two streaming equipment package options.

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Live Streaming Benefits

Portable video production kits offer numerous benefits to schools, such as:

  • Increased interaction. Live streaming encourages families, friends, and the community to gather at an off-site location to view school events. Further, posting live videos to your school’s social channels allows users to interact with you through likes, comments, and shares.
  • Promote school spirit. Video production kits break down the geographical and physical barriers around your events. Anyone anywhere can watch your events in real-time, promoting a sense of belonging, community, and elevated school spirit when they cannot attend in person.
  • Enriching content. Professional videos placed online give proud parents, friends, and family members memories to view at a later date. Additionally, past live streams grant prospective students access to “behind the scenes” content, allowing them to envision what it would be like to attend your school.
  • Student involvement. Control room equipment provides opportunities for hands-on education in journalism, broadcasting, videography, and production. Whether you build it into the curriculum or ask for student volunteers during events, creating an enriching experience is easier than ever.
  • Additional revenue. You don’t need exceptional video production skills to promote sponsors during live streams. From band concerts to graduation ceremonies and everything in between, sponsor messaging and acknowledging alumni donations bring extra revenue to your school.

Produce Professional Content

All the equipment you need to produce professional quality content from any location.

Streaming For All Events

Stream games, band concerts, theatre performances, graduations and more!

Curriculum Opportunities

Create new curriculum opportunities for students interested in video production and content creation

Which Production Package is Right for Your School?


Advanced Production Kit with Instant Replay

Nevco’s AVD-SP Package includes the equipment you need to live stream sporting events, pep rallies, assemblies, and more with professional video and audio quality. In addition to live video, the AVD-SP Package includes Instant Replay capabilities that connect to your scoreboard and the online stream. Our professional-grade equipment will make your remote community feel like they’re right in front of the action.


Standard Production Kit

Our STD-SP Package gives you everything you need to live stream. Two high-definition cameras, an all-inclusive video preview studio, and a teacher’s guide for curriculum opportunities take your production abilities to the next level. With a vast selection of add-ons and accessories available, your opportunities to create outstanding content, increase interaction, and generate sponsorships are nearly limitless.

Start Your Portable Video Production Today

Whatever your school’s live streaming and video production needs, there’s a solution for you at Nevco. Founded in 1934, Nevco is the largest privately-held scoreboard manufacturer in the world. We only use the best electronics and manufacturing processes so you can be confident that you’re making a quality investment decision.

When you choose Nevco for your portable video production and live streaming solutions, you’ll receive everything you need to keep your community engaged. Speak with a consultant today to learn more and get started!

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