Soccer Scoreboards

From official kick-off to the final seconds on the pitch, Nevco offers a complete line-up of soccer scoreboards that ensure not a second of game time will be missed! Our wide range of soccer scoreboards guarantee our customers have a scoring solution that will maximize impact–on and off the field.


Nevco is a prominent leader in the scoring and display industry for one important reason: quality. Our passion to deliver superior quality when designing our scoreboards and scoring accessories goes hand-in-hand with creating long-lasting relationships with our customers.


Nevco’s Intelligent Caption™ scoreboards provide the ultimate solution in scoring versatility. With the simple press of a button, you can display captions and team names to match the sport you’re playing—with you in control. In addition to scoring soccer, Outdoor Intelligent Caption™ scoreboards can change automatically between football, lacrosse, field hockey or baseball/softball scoring modes. Utilize one state-of-the-art scoreboard to score up to six sports, all for the price of one!


Just as the game isn’t over until the last penalty kick, Nevco understands that building your ideal soccer scoreboard is a work in progress. Only Nevco offers you the tools to upgrade your scoreboard when the time is right for you and your facility. From adding on electronic LED signage, message centers or accessories, Nevco delivers customized scoring solutions for all sports.

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Your New Soccer Scoreboard is Waiting!

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Nevco has a wide selection of soccer scoreboard sizes, product features, and scoring accessories to outfit any size field or stadium.

Basic scoring features include home/guest score, game time, half/period indicators, and electronic team name (ETN) capabilities.

Larger-sized scoreboards can display important game stats. Most models are large enough to incorporate mascot, logo or team name.

Play more than one sport on your soccer field? Customize the scoreboard to your team and your sport with Intelligent Captions™. Score soccer, football, track, lacrosse, field hockey and baseball. It’s like getting six scoreboards in one!

Handheld controllers perfect for practices or games, personalized trusses to stand out from your competition, and revenue-generating signage: Nevco has the products to help you maximize your impact with players, fans and sponsors.

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Some of our most popular soccer scoreboard models. From basic scoring to full-featured scoring displaying key game stats.

Scoring Solutions to Further Maximize Your Impact

Video Displays

Give your fans the ultimate game day experience and leave a lasting impression with our custom designed video displays and scoreboard solutions.


Message Centers

Nevco’s LED Message Centers provide the most flexible solution for advertising and conveying information to players and fans.


Stadium Sound

Maximize your fan experience with a professional-grade sound system integrated with your scoreboard or video display!