Why Choose Nevco

Choosing Nevco means choosing quality. Our entire product line, from basic scoreboards to video displays utilizing the latest in LED technology, is made using only the highest quality electronics and manufacturing processes. We’ve built our reputation on long-lasting products and customer service, and that dedication still exists today.

From representatives who will consult with you throughout the process, to the highest quality products and manufacturing best practices, to personable and knowledgeable customer service technicians and the best parts and labor warranty in the industry, you can rest assured that your decision to trust Nevco is the best choice.

Hear from key decision-makers at Carthage High School, Fairmont State University and Edwardsville High School on why they choose the Nevco Difference for their facility upgrades.

Our History

Experience And Trust

Nevco has provided the highest quality scoring and display products in the industry for more than 80 years.

Back in 1934, the first Nevco scoreboard model consisted of a white oak cabinet with a glass dial clock and glass disks for scores. It marked the start of eight decades of technological advances that have transformed the way fans experience sporting events.

Founded by Ralph Nevinger, Nevco is the largest privately-held scoreboard manufacturer in the world. With headquarters in Greenville, Illinois and offices throughout the United States and Canada, Nevco began marketing internationally in the early 1970s. Today, our scoreboards, message centers and video displays are used to enhance the fan experience at venues worldwide.

We have always been at the forefront of scoreboard advancements. The introduction of LED message centers and video displays has provided clients additional ways to involve and excite fans, while generating new sponsorship and advertising revenue.

We also recognize that scoreboards and video displays have the potential to generate much-needed revenue for many sports programs. That’s why we’ve added our Slam Dunk Sports Marketing program. We encourage you to check it out to see how your scoreboard or video display can pay for itself!

Headed today by President and CEO Jeff Fiorini, Nevco maintains a commitment to quality, customer service and product innovation. Our worldwide team stands ready to provide customized solutions for almost any facility.

Whether it’s a new facility or an existing one undergoing an upgrade, Nevco delivers endless possibilities to communicate and captivate.


Our Process

Stakeholders’ Goals

Our collaborative process ensures all stakeholders’ concerns and visions are addressed in the final solution.

  • Architects
  • Athletic directors
  • Superintendents
  • Boards of directors
  • Booster clubs
  • Communities

Financial Strategies

Let your Nevco display and scoring consultant help you see how displays fund themselves through revenue generation. You may be able to do more than you imagined!

Project Scope

Stay in control of your project scope by working with your Nevco display and scoring consultant to create a reliable project plan that creates the best return on investment for you—with no surprises.

  • Sports facilities
    • Primary/secondary sports
  • Education
    • Curriculum development
  • Business
  • Places of worship
  • School campuses

Facility Assessment

Once you have your vision outlined, let Nevco’s comprehensive facility assessment service formulate the appropriate scale and equipment selection for a superior production and viewing experience.

  • Stadium configuration/seating capacity
  • Distance/viewing angle
  • Control room location
  • Wireless controls/cables
  • Power sources
    • Wired/solar options
  • Special considerations

System Design

Once the appropriate scale has been determined for your venue, Nevco will produce a system designed to fulfill your video display objectives, including a custom proof of how your video display will look in its new location.

  • Display/scoring
  • Timing
  • Sound
  • Accessories
  • Enhancements
  • Cameras
  • Software
  • Customized proof

Control Room Design

Your control room will be the brain of your video display system and your video production. Your Nevco display and scoring consultant will design the optimal control room for
your system.

  • Location
  • Furniture
  • Personnel
  • Installation
  • Size requirements
  • Cable pathways
  • Power/HVAC requirements

System Installation

From detailed mechanical prints to collaboration with certified contractors, your Nevco team will see your installation through to completion.

  • On-site installation supervision
  • Detailed mechanical prints
  • Detailed electrical prints
  • Fiber terminations
  • Collaboration with contractors

On-Site Training & Support

Once your video system is installed, Nevco can train and certify your production and maintenance crews to create and use your custom applications like the pros.

  • On-site training certification
  • Sponsor revenue
  • Private donations
  • Sports-marketing services
  • Advertising programs

Lifetime Service & Support

Our services provide you with resources to keep your Nevco system running smoothly and effectively over the life of your Nevco products, offering scalable solutions for upgrades at any stage.

  • Nevco warranty
  • Free technical support
  • 24-hour turn-around time on service parts
  • Single point of contact for video or scoreboard service