Scoring Solutions for Sports in Schools

Sports in schools teach students several critical life skills, such as teamwork, sportsmanship, and work ethic. At Nevco, we provide scoring solutions for every team at every level because we believe in lighting up the game to elevate the game-day experience for your school and community. Our full suite of scoreboards, video displays, sound systems, signage, add-ons, and more are designed to level up game-day.

Whether elementary, middle, or high school, there’s a Nevco scoring solution for you. Contact us today to speak with a consultant.


Elementary Schools

Elementary school sports frequently introduce children to the game, and one of the best teaching tools is the scoreboard. Give players real-time demonstrations of how scoring, fouls, time, and more work with Nevco products, such as:

Level up game-days further with industry-leading accessories, audio systems, scorers tables, and more! The options are endless with Nevco.

You can also take advantage of our sports marketing services, where your school can garner sponsorship revenue through your scoreboard. Whether you choose a flat panel or an LED message center, the additional revenue goes back to your athletic programs, and community businesses can spread the word. It’s a win for everyone!

Middle Schools

Middle schools typically offer more opportunities for students to participate in various sports compared to the elementary level. Additionally, players have a better understanding of the game. When you choose Nevco to boost your middle school game-days, you have numerous product options for each sport.

Baseball & Softball



  • Basic football scoreboards showing time, quarter, score, ball possession, and more
  • Enhanced football scoring solutions that offer a space for your school’s logo, ball placement, and downs
  • Multisport, intelligent caption options to customize via sport and team name
  • Stadium sound systems that allow you to announce players, game action, and play music 
  • Control room equipment to enhance your school’s video production with educational opportunities for students
  • Delay of game timers that notify players and fans how much time is left to snap the ball


  • Soccer scoreboards with the score, time, and half
  • Intelligent Caption™ scoring solutions that allow you to customize team names and sport
  • Stadium sound systems that ensure no goal or yellow card is left unannounced

Track & Field

  • Track scoreboards with Intelligent Caption™ capabilities that let you customize items like event, lane, heat, and place
  • FinishLynx timing systems for fully automatic timing accurate to 1/1000th of a second with photo-finish technology

High Schools

High school sports are highly competitive and often serve as a uniting force in a community. As a result, game-days are generally more electric, and Nevco is here to help. Choose from the following products and add-ons to make your game-day experience unforgettable:

Baseball & Softball

  • Basic baseball & softball scoreboards with Electronic Team Name and Intelligent Caption capabilities
  • Inning-by-inning scoreboards that show runs scored in each inning
  • Pitch count scoreboards that keep track of each team’s pitcher
  • Video displays you can customize with graphics and prompts, sponsorships, video replays, and more with the help of Nevco Creative Services
  • Stadium audio systems that seamlessly pair with your video display
  • LED message centers that can display graphics and prompts as well as sponsor and game information
  • Ribbon boards & LED fascia to ensure the message spreads throughout the premises
  • Digital marquees that guide and welcome visitors to the stadium and announce upcoming events
  • Personalized signage & trusses with your school logo and sports marketing opportunities


  • Single-sided basketball scoreboards with quarter, possession, score, and time
  • Four-face center-hung scoreboards that display critical information from every angle
  • Multisport, intelligent caption scoreboards you can customize for each sport and team
  • Portable scoreboards and shot clocks for scrimmages and tournaments
  • LED video displays that introduce each player and provide sponsorship opportunities
  • LED message centers integrated with your scoreboard that can display graphics and sponsor logos
  • Basic scorers tables and LED scorers tables that offer graphics and sponsorships 
  • Ribbon boards & LED fascia that portray your messaging and graphics everywhere
  • Shot clocks that display the time the offense has remaining to shoot the ball
  • Tabletop possession indicators that inform fans of the next steps following a jump ball
  • Stat panels showing player numbers, points, and fouls


  • Basic football scoreboards indicating time, quarter, possession, and score
  • Enhanced football scoreboards capable of displaying downs, ball possession, time outs remaining, ball placement, and yards to go until the next first down
  • Multisport, intelligent caption scoreboards that allow you to add your school logo and display custom team names and sport
  • Video boards that can show fan-engaging prompts, replays, player introductions, graphics, sponsors, and more
  • Stadium sound systems that integrate with your video or scoreboard 
  • LED message centers at the scoreboard showing graphics, messaging, and sponsors
  • Ribbon boards & LED fascia that display your message inside and out
  • Control room equipment perfect for live streaming and educating broadcast students
  • Delay of game timers indicating the time left before the offense has to snap
  • Signage, trusses, and letters to boost school spirit and garner sponsorship revenue


  • Single-sided hockey scoreboards displaying the score, time, period, penalties, and whether a team is in power play
  • Four-face center-hung hockey scoreboards complete with additional information such as player number, time left in the penalty box, and shots on goal
  • Video displays that show replays, player introductions, graphics, videos, and sponsor messaging
  • LED message centers that integrate with your single-sided or center-hung hockey scoreboards 
  • Hockey goal lights that boost fan excitement after each goal scored
  • Ribbon boards & LED fascia that keep fans updated wherever they are in the building


  • Basic lacrosse scoreboards with options for custom Electronic Team Names
  • Lacrosse field timers that indicate delay of game and time remaining to shoot
  • Portable shot clocks for practice or tournament days
  • Video displays that show instant replays and garner sponsorship revenue for your athletics
  • LED message centers that can provide updated information and boost advertising revenue
  • Digital marquees that can direct visitors and keep them updated on the game
  • Stadium sound systems that integrate with a video or scoreboard seamlessly
  • Signage, trusses, and letters that add a personal touch to the scoreboard and generate sponsorships


  • Basic soccer scoreboards signifying time, half, and score with Electronic Team Name capabilities
  • Intelligent caption scoreboards with customizable areas for team names, penalties, and corner kicks
  • Video displays that allow you to portray graphics, videos, sponsor logos, and messaging via Nevco Software
  • LED message centers affixed to the scoreboard that display messages and sponsor information
  • Outdoor sound systems that integrate with your scoreboard and let you play music and announcements
  • Ribbon boards & LED fascia that allow your messages and sponsor information to be displayed everywhere
  • Signage, trusses, & letters for your school logo or advertisers

Track & Field

  • Intelligent caption track scoreboards complete with time, lane, event, runner, heat, place, and more
  • Scoreboards that include your school’s logo or a sponsor logo
  • Video displays showing current team standings, upcoming event schedules, graphics, and more
  • FinishLynx advanced track timing that provides the most accurate results for close races 
  • LED message centers displaying information about events, places, team standings, and times
  • Stadium sound integrating with your scoreboard that allows you to announce the next event and play music or sponsor messages
  • Ribbon boards & LED fascia that ensure no message goes unseen
  • Signage, trusses, & letters that display your school colors or advertiser logo


  • Basic tennis scoreboards showcasing score and match information
  • Enhanced scoreboards displaying the scores on multiple courts
  • Signage, trusses, & letters that include a sponsor’s logo


  • All-inclusive swimming scoreboards showing time, score, lane, and event
  • Video displays with stunning graphics and necessary information
  • LED message centers displaying upcoming events and sponsor messages

Why Choose Nevco’s Scoring Solutions for Sports in Schools?

We at Nevco recognize the importance of quality – that’s why we strive to create top-notch products that offer excellent value and reliable performance. We understand the needs of elementary, middle, and high schools – from visuals that keep spectators in the loop during sports events to audio systems that enhance every celebration. 

With our expansive selection of scoreboards and accessories – offered in any size or budget – you will receive a customized solution that maximizes your investment. Let us be your partner in engaging students and creating memorable experiences like homecoming games or rival matchups!

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As industry leaders, we at Nevco are your one-stop solution for all school sport scoring needs. With a wide range of products from basketball to football and more, we offer the best scoring systems for any school. 

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