Parks and Rec Sports Scoring Solutions

Numerous communities throughout the United States offer parks and recreation sports programs for youth and adults. Parks and rec sports give children the opportunity to learn the fundamentals and adults the chance to stay active. Although many community-held sports programs emphasize fun over winning, scoring solutions are still necessary.

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Parks and Rec Sports Programs

Community youth sports leagues focus on the basics. Children who play sports learn critical skills such as friendly competition, respect, and teamwork. Since these programs stress the importance of knowing the fundamentals, scoring solutions can be an excellent educational tool.

Conversely, adult parks and rec sports leagues are more competitive and offer a chance to stay physically active. Some parks and recreation departments might benefit from upgrades, accessories, and add-ons to fuel the adult league competitive spirit.


Often, parents register their kids for the local soccer team at an early age. When children as young as three years old participate in a community soccer program, they can exert energy as they learn how to dribble, pass, shoot, and more. As they grow older, coaches can leverage the scoreboard as a visual aid when explaining how the game works.

Parks and recreation youth soccer leagues can benefit from the following scoring solutions:

T-Ball and Slow-Pitch Softball

Children involved in T-ball learn basics such as hitting, catching, throwing, and running bases. As kids grow older and transition into more competitive T-ball or coach pitch leagues, they learn more detailed aspects of the game. Scoring solutions such as the following can help youth parks and rec T-ball players learn:

  • Basic scoreboards that indicate the score, inning, balls, strikes, and outs
  • Inning-by-inning scoreboards that display the runs scored by each team every inning
  • Pitch-count displays that show how many pitches each team throws
  • Intelligent caption™ scoreboards with customization capabilities
  • Handheld baseball and softball controllers to easily show how scoring works

Many communities also offer men’s, women’s, and co-ed slow-pitch softball leagues to give adults a chance to relieve stress and remember their glory days. Since adult sports leagues are more competitive than youth programs, accessories and add-ons such as pitch count and speed indicators can elevate game days.


Passing, setting, hitting, serving, and basic rotations are standard fundamentals of volleyball that children learn in parks and recreation leagues. Multi-sport, intelligent caption™ scoreboards are an excellent choice for youth and adult league volleyball, in addition to the following:

Track & Field

Community youth track & field programs teach children the difference between different races, the importance of staying in your lane, passing the baton, how to triple or long jump, and more. It gives kids the opportunity to determine their strengths. Scoring solutions to help educate include:


The majority of parks and recreation departments offer youth basketball leagues. Children learn how to play as a team in addition to essential skills like dribbling, shooting, passing, and playing defense. Community centers offering local youth sports can utilize scoring solutions such as:

  • Single-sided basketball scoreboards that display a range of information, from the score, quarter, time, and possession to fouls and player number
  • Electronic Team Names to customize team name for every team that plays at the facility
  • Portable basketball scoreboards like the Model 750 for tournament days
  • Scorers tables for the scorekeeper and other record-keeping volunteers
  • Handheld basketball controllers for easy scorekeeping

Adult basketball leagues are typically much more competitive than youth programs. Therefore, accessories like the following can elevate game days:


Parks and recreation youth programs frequently start children in floor hockey before transitioning to ice. While on the floor, children learn skills such as passing, dribbling, shooting, stick-checking, and more. As they become more comfortable with the basics, they learn the basics of skating and put the two together. Nevco’s hockey scoreboards and add-ons can help:


Parks department aquatics are a popular option for kids. It keeps them physically active and allows them to have fun simultaneously. Children learn basics such as staying afloat, treading water, diving, and more. Nevco’s customizable swimming scoreboards display all the necessary information for when youth swim teams begin competing.


Tennis leagues are popular for children and adults alike. While youth teams learn how to serve and adequately hit, adults often take the competition to a new level. Whatever the level of play, our tennis scoring solutions are reliable and high-quality:


Many community youth football teams don’t tackle, but kids learn fundamentals such as positioning, throwing, catching, punting, and more. Many adults enjoy an organized touch or flag football league to blow off steam. Parks and recreation football leagues can take advantage of our football scoring product suite:

  • Basic football scoreboards showing items ranging from the quarter, score, and time to possession, downs, yards to go, and at what yard line the ball rests
  • Enhanced scoreboards displaying time outs left and custom mascots or logos
  • Multi-sport, intelligent caption™ scoreboards with numerous customization options
  • Handheld football controllers that update the score with ease
  • Delay of game timers that signify how long teams have to snap the ball

Choose Nevco for Parks and Rec Sports Scoring Solutions

Whatever your level of play, Nevco has a scoring solution that will benefit your parks and rec sports programs. We boast 88 years of experience and offer numerous options and add-ons to make your game days unique. Nevco’s team of professionals is here to help throughout your project, whether you’re seeking simple or advanced scoring systems.

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