College & University Scoring Solutions

Colleges and universities allow students to further their academic and athletic careers. As the competition becomes more intense, it’s crucial for outdoor stadiums and indoor facilities to accommodate. Nevco’s high-quality college and university scoring solutions and audio products can help elevate every game-day experience.

We offer numerous options to suit your needs, including accessories, creative services, sports marketing programs, control center equipment, and more. Customers in various industries have trusted Nevco since 1934, and so can you. Speak with a consultant today to get started!


Outdoor Scoring Solutions for Colleges & Universities

College game-days are known for tailgates, school spirit, fight songs, and competition. Nevco’s outdoor scoring solutions can take fan engagement to the next level.


Whether you’re looking for a basic football scoreboard or a larger-than-life video display, our team will guide you to the best solution. We offer several options with add-ons and accessories to ensure your stadium is well-equipped for every touchdown:

Baseball & Softball

Baseball and softball are fan-favorite sports. Make every pitch, run, and bunt more memorable with the help of Nevco’s scoring solutions. Whatever your needs, you can be confident that your Nevco scoreboards, video displays, and add-ons are easy to use and will amplify the game-day experience.

We offer several options for your baseball and softball scoring needs:

  • Basic electronic baseball & softball scoreboards that include home and guest scores, game stat indicators, inning digits, and ETN capabilities
  • Inning-by-inning scoreboards that show the essential game statistics and can incorporate your school mascot, logo, or team name
  • Integrated pitch-count scoreboards that display the number of pitches for both teams
  • Outdoor Multi-Sport, Intelligent Caption™ scoreboards that allow custom team names, sports, and more


Make every goal memorable with Nevco’s line of soccer scoring solutions! Whether you start small and add features later or wish to implement an all-in-one video display, we have you covered. Our industry-leading soccer scoring solutions include:

  • Basic soccer scoreboards that display home and guest scores, game time, half/period indicators, and electronic team name (ETN) capabilities on some models
  • Intelligent Caption™ scoreboards that let you customize the sport, team names, and more


Lacrosse continues to grow in popularity, and most colleges and universities offer scholarships for students to further their careers. Whether you’re looking for a basic lacrosse scoreboard with accessories, or a professional sound system to bring the noise, Nevco can help you make it happen. Our lacrosse scoring solutions include:

  • Lacrosse scoreboards ranging from basic to full-featured
  • Field timers that indicate the time left in a quarter or halftime
  • Portable timers you can use for various outdoor sports
  • Add-On penalty timers to further expand scoring data for fans

Track & Field

Our track & field scoring solutions for colleges and universities ensure the correct information is displayed at every meet. We offer scoreboards in numerous sizes and capabilities to suit your needs:

Beach Volleyball & Tennis

Nevco multi-court tennis scoreboards can also be utilized for beach volleyball programs, including scoring data for up to 6 courts. If you’re looking for a more customized solution or to incorporate video, the Nevco team is fully equipped to evaluate your facility and work with you to create a customized scoring solution that best fits your needs.

Indoor Scoring Solutions for Colleges & Universities


Single-sided or center-hung, Intelligent Caption™ or portable, Nevco has the basketball scoring solution for you. We offer industry-leading support in addition to our quality products. Choose from the following basketball scoring solutions:

  • Single-sided basketball scoreboards displaying critical data such as score, period, possession, fouls, and player
  • Intelligent Caption™ scoreboards for multi-purpose facilities who host basketball, volleyball and wrestling
  • Center-hung scoreboards that act as the focal point in an arena, displaying stats on all four sides
  • LED video displays that provide endless virtual content including live game play, engaging fan prompts, scoring data and sponsorship spots
  • Portable scoreboards, including essential information for scrimmages or tournaments
  • LED and static scorers tables that give announcers and stat keepers a courtside angle
  • Shot clocks outlining the time left for scoring on plays
  • Tabletop possession & bonus indicators that give players an easy view


Nevco’s hockey scoreboards give players and fans every game stat they need, from basic single-sided solutions to LED video displays. Engage fans at your college or university’s next hockey game with the help of Nevco’s quality products:

  • Single-sided or center-hung hockey scoreboards displaying time, period, score, shots on goal, player, penalty, and power play
  • Goal lights that grab everyone’s attention
  • Portable timers that show minutes remaining in a period or power play

Volleyball & Wrestling

Whether your school’s volleyball and wrestling teams share a space or have dedicated facilities, Nevco’s Multi-Sport, Intelligent Caption™ scoreboards can benefit you. Easily customize the scoreboard to suit your sport and needs.


Ensure your aquatics center is fully equipped with a scoring system from Nevco! Our single-sided swimming scoreboards contain time, team score, place, lane, and event information. You can also take advantage of adding school mascots or sponsor logos.

Sound Systems


Integrating your scoreboard and/or video display to an audio system from Nevco means no replay, announcement, or song will go unheard. Speakers housed in a weatherproof lightweight aluminum cabinet enclosure with front mesh scrim deliver impressive crystal clear sound at high decibels. No announcement, replay, or song will go unheard.

We offer two state-of-the-art outdoor sound systems:

  • Our Stadium Pro™ 1000 sound system is perfect for smaller outdoor venues, enhancing the game-day experience.
  • The Stadium Pro™ 2000 is the latest premium sound system, delivering a direct audio solution to various larger facilities.


The Nevco Arena Pro 1000 and 2000 are made for full court/rink and crowd coverage. Whatever size arena you have, you can be confident that every announcement, song, and replay is easily heard throughout the facility. We offer two indoor sound system products:

  • The wall-mounted Arena Pro 1000 delivers the best audio experience for smaller venues.
  • The center-hung Arena Pro 2000 is perfect for mid-sized venues with increased sound needs.

Control Room Equipment

Ensure fans at home can watch the game with Nevco’s Portable Production Kits for Remote Streaming, powered by DataVideo. Whether you film at home or on the road, our two control room equipment packages make video production and streaming easy:

  • The AVD-SP Package includes everything you need to produce an advanced video for remote streaming, plus Instant Replay capabilities.
  • The STD-SP Package is our standard production kit and includes two high-definition cameras, an all-inclusive video preview studio, and a teacher’s guide for curriculum opportunities.

Get Started With Your College & University Scoring Solutions

Nevco is the largest privately-held scoreboard manufacturer in the world. Since 1934, we’ve proven our reputation on customer service and long-lasting products. Every scoring solution we offer comprises the highest quality electronics and manufacturing processes. If you’re seeking a custom and affordable scoring solution for your college or university sports teams, look no further than Nevco!

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