Shot Clocks

Nevco’s new slim shot clock series is the ultimate in durability and flexibility. Available in several sizes and all models can be built as single-sided, double-sided and three-sided configurations.

Key Features

  • Bright long-lasting, energy-efficient LEDs reduce power consumption and operating expense.
  • New, durable Lexan face and lightweight aluminum cabinet design can withstand heavy impact.
  • Horn is encased in an external box that can be attached above or below the clock, ensuring sound clarity.
  • Integrates with Nevco accessories, such as end-of-period lights and locker room clocks.
  • Daisy-chaining capability allows for a variety of mounting and viewing options in your venue.

Design Flexibility

All slim shot clock models can be configured as single-sided, double-sided or three-sided. This allows for optimal viewing angles for players, coaches and officials.