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1. Sponsorship & Revenue Opportunities

Thinking about adding excitement to your game-day atmosphere while also generating additional revenue dollars?  Discover the best ROI in basketball – the investment in an LED Scorers Table.

Nevco LED Scorers Tables allow you to make the most of your courtside by displaying virtually limitless inventory spots for sponsors, advertising, and donors.

Time-outs, half-time, delays in the game – there are numerous available opportunities where you have a captive audience; an audience advertisers would love to reach.  Sell advertising spots for specific sports, games, tournaments, or other school events to generate revenue beyond just ticket sales.

Know your budget won’t permit an LED Scorers Table today?  Nevco’s Non-Lit and Rear-Lit Scorers Tables are a great first step investment.  Work with your best sponsors to secure their own branded Scorers Tables and use the residual income towards the investment of an LED Scorers Table.

2. Versatility Within One Table

Nevco’s Scorers Tables are the industry’s only upgradeable Scorers Tables.  Built with our proprietary design, our upgradeable Scorers Tables allow you to upgrade your existing Nevco Scorers Table to any of our three options: Non-Lit, Rear-Lit, or LED at any time.

There are multiple sizes available to fit your courtside seating accommodations: 10ft, 8ft, and 4ft Scorers Tables.   

Combine different sizes and styles by interlocking them to create a seamless look, ensuring scorekeepers, statisticians, and announcers have a seat at the table during the game.

Any Nevco Table can be upgraded at any time by simply replacing the existing cartridge with a rear-lit or LED cartridge.

3. Educate Students

Extend the classroom to the court, utilizing our LED Scorers Tables as an educational opportunity.

Graphic design classes can have hands-on experience creating motion-graphic content to display on the LED screen.

Students who have an interest in game-day athletic operations will gain hands-on experience by operating professional grade equipment and timing graphics with key plays in the game and queuing advertisers’ graphics sequence.

4. Ultimate Game Day Experience

A professional looking Scorers Table is a sleek and professional addition to any gym or arena to display school or team name, mascot or logo, and the team’s community sponsors.  Each table front is customized to your specifications and our graphic designers will ensure that we help you create a visually appealing space for scorekeepers, statisticians, and announcers.

Further maximize your impact and hype up your game-day atmosphere utilizing an LED Scorers Table to display crowd-energizing fan prompts, player headshots, live game stats, social media fan trends, and sponsorship games.


Browse Scorers Tables