Scoring Systems for Athletic Centers

Athletic centers offer something for everyone, from yoga classes and high-intensity interval training to hockey clinics and basketball leagues. Some athletic centers specialize in a particular sport, while others provide numerous ways to stay active. Whatever your age or interests, an athletic center has programs and equipment for you.

At Nevco, we’ve provided the highest-quality scoring systems since 1934. We’re continuously expanding our product line and service offerings to level up every customer’s gameday. If you’re seeking scoring systems for athletic centers, look no further than Nevco. Speak with a consultant today to get started.



Athletic centers offering several sports leagues within a single location can significantly benefit from Nevco’s line of Multisport, Intelligent Caption™ scoreboards. When you choose our multi-purpose scoring systems, you can customize home and guest team names, the sport itself, and include additional features to meet your needs. Maximize your budget with a system that offers seven sports in one! 

Our indoor multisport scoreboards are technologically advanced and can serve your athletic center facilities. A user-friendly controller makes customization and scoring simple for all your indoor programs, such as basketball, swimming, soccer, and hockey.


Basketball is among the most popular sports  offered by athletic centers. From children’s camps to adult leagues, a quality scoring system keeps players and fans engaged. Nevco offers several basketball scoring systems for athletic centers, including:


Another popular program offered by athletic centers is swimming. An aquatics scoreboard can benefit you if your facility hosts meets, lessons, or water aerobics classes. Nevco’s swimming scoreboards include the time, lane, place, and total team points.

Customize your scoring system further with Electronic Team Names, locker room timers, and portable timers. A user-friendly controller makes it easy to update times, points, and places with the touch of a button.

Indoor Soccer

No rainouts, cancellations, or rescheduling are needed when athletic centers offer indoor soccer leagues. Professional astroturf, glass walls, and netting keep the ball inside and the game going. Our line of indoor soccer scoring systems for athletic centers utilizes the latest technology to make your tournament and league games unforgettable.

Choose from multisport, Electronic Team Names (ETN), or basic one-sided soccer scoreboards with upgrades and add-ons available. Whether you’re hosting a pickup match or an official tournament, you can trust Nevco’s systems to display the essential information.


Nevco offers a complete lineup of hockey scoreboards to elevate your athletic center’s leagues. Display shots on goal, penalties, player numbers, the score, periods, and time remaining with customization capabilities. Our product line includes several options and features to make your hockey games an ultimate experience:

A multisport scoring system gives you the essential information if your facility hosts floor hockey leagues. Our hockey scoring systems for athletic centers include user-friendly controllers for easy updates.


Boost your brand recognition with high-quality LED marquee signage from Nevco! Like our scoreboards, the electronic marquees utilize the latest technology to reduce energy costs. Plus, enjoy little to no maintenance fees. A Nevco marquee sign will do the hard work for you!

Visitors can view your athletic center’s latest updates as letters and graphics move across the backlit display. Promoting a new fitness class, youth basketball camp, or upcoming hockey tournament is easy with our user-friendly digital marquee software. Create messaging and graphics on any device, wherever you are, and the sign will do the rest.

You can also add LED message centers and other digital signage to your existing scoring equipment. Doing so allows you to garner additional revenue through community supporters and sponsorships. It’s a win-win for everyone involved.

Why Choose Nevco for Your Athletic Center Scoring Systems?

We at Nevco take pride in using only the latest technology and manufacturing processes for every product. We’ve upheld our reputation since 1934, offering long-lasting systems and exceptional customer service. When you choose Nevco for your athletic center scoring system, you’ll receive a personalized solution that fits your needs.

Our process is simple – first, we visit your facility to analyze and recommend the best solution. A consultant answers your questions, designs a lasting product and your Nevco team sees your project through to completion, from detailed prints to final installation. Our maintenance team is also readily available to ensure your system runs at its best.

Get Started With Scoring Systems for Athletic Centers

Nevco offers a full suite of scoring systems for athletic centers. Whether your facility focuses on a single sport or boasts numerous fitness programs and leagues, there’s a Nevco solution. Get started with your athletic center scoring system today! Request a quote and see how our products can benefit you.



We understand that a new scoring system is a significant investment. It’s why we take pride in delivering a spot-on scoring solution for your team and stand by every product.


Our customization process ensures you get precisely what you want.


We deliver your scoring solution on-time right when you expect it.


Get the most from your investment, backed by a 5-year warranty.


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