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What you should know before buying new scoring equipment

Scoring equipment is a staple of athletic facilities. Scoreboards, video displays, audio systems and more have defined euphoric triumphs and heartbreaking defeats, endured the harshest of elements if they stand outside and may also support athletic programs in the form of recurring revenue through sponsorships.

From their functionality to their overall presentation, they are not only a source of pride for your athletes, coaches and fans who call your facilities home but a key investment in the game-day experience for all that is relied upon for your activities to run smoothly each time they are lit up.

Whether adding new scoring equipment or looking to make an upgrade, the scoring solution provider you choose is undoubtedly a vital part of your investment. There are a few important factors to consider that will help inform, reduce stress, and provide confidence in your decision-making process to ensure the success of your athletic programs and facilities.


Any provider will obviously stake their reputation behind the scoring equipment and services they provide, but there is no better insight into a company’s true reputation than word of mouth. Check with fellow schools or recreational facilities in your area and ask about their experiences with scoring solution  providers.

  • What was the purchasing and install process like from start to finish and were there any frustrations or setbacks?
  • Are they satisfied with their present equipment, and would they choose that same company for any future upgrades?
  • Based on their experience, what are some key factors that would influence their own decision in the next scoring equipment provider they choose?

Each provider has its own unique background and history, and any previous experiences via word of mouth may not be universally shared. However, in the midst of doing your research on your next scoring equipment provider, a good bet when making your choice are usually the companies that have been around the longest with a history of delivering on time and a high rate of customer satisfaction.


It would behoove you to know that not all products are created equal. The materials used and the manufacturing process can vary significantly from company to company, which may make you wonder how you can discern a difference as the buyer. One of the clearest ways to achieve this and know what you are signing up for is finding out if the equipment is UL (Underwriters Laboratories) Listed.

Established over 120 years ago, Underwriters Laboratories is recognized worldwide as the leader in product safety testing and certification, ensuring any manufacturer with their listing has met the highest possible standards for quality and reliability through comprehensive guidelines and procedures. Some manufacturers may state they are “UL Equivalent”, but this has no industry standard definition and requires no certification from an independent body. Insist upon a UL Listing to avoid risking safety and any possibility of a disappointing gameday experience.

Seeking out the best warranties in the industry can be another helpful tool in your decision-making process. However, providers who actually support their products past their warranties and don’t require you to replace your entire scoring solution if something goes wrong will obviously stand out among the rest.


At no point during the selection process of your scoring equipment should you feel like you have to settle with the options presented to you. The provider should be a partner who is willing to listen to your vision and help you craft the game-day atmosphere you are looking for to the exact detail. They should also be able to suggest options you may not have been familiar with that can improve the experience even further.

When comparing providers, take a good look at their websites, catalogs, or any other material they have to offer and see what kind of resources are at your disposal.

  • Is there any kind of easy-to-use virtual scoreboard designer tool which allows you to customize and create your own scoreboard?
  • Do they offer proof designs showing a visual concept of your new scoring solution for you to approve before it heads to production?
  • Are the products designed for integration throughout the entire product line so that all scoring equipment needs can be met by a single-source provider, saving time and money?

Attaining these answers will help ensure nothing is left to chance and there are no surprises when your scoring equipment arrives at your facility. Also seek out the providers who are actively raising the bar and offering new products and services that will ease game-day operations and improve the experience and engagement of your athletes, coaches and fans.


All the above may sound nice in practice but means very little without affordability, and cost should never be a barrier in attaining the scoring equipment your athletic programs deserve. The provider you choose should be flexible with the options presented to you, offering multiple ways to finance your new scoring solution that doesn’t break your budget.

One of the options to tackle cost may come in the form of sports marketing. Sports marketing programs are designed to provide the funding needed to cover the cost of your scoring equipment while strengthening the relationships between your school or recreational facility and local businesses. In doing so the scoring equipment may not only pay for itself but turn into a recurring stream of revenue that strengthens your athletic budget and also becomes a win-win situation for the businesses in your community.

A scoring solution provider who is contracted with Sourcewell can also save a lot of time and stress. Sourcewell is a free public cooperative purchasing contract that guarantees savings for members from approved vendors, which streamlines the buying process and minimizes any bidding wars. Membership is free for qualifying governmental, educational, tribal or non-profit entities and there are no long-term or up-front fees and no minimum purchasing requirements. Sourcewell will satisfy any bid obligations for you at no cost and their vigorous process to select only the most highly regarded contracted suppliers can give you a sense of confidence in the scoring equipment provider you choose. Because of their ability to leverage national buying power, they are also able to negotiate pricing and secure discounts for smaller organizations that may not have been previously available.

NCL Government Capital is another financing avenue you should ask about when talking to a scoring equipment provider. An independently-owned financing company that increases purchasing power for government and educational facilities, NCL Government Capital has over 20 years of experience helping municipalities with competitive, customized and flexible financing solutions that simplify the procurement process and expedite project completion. Through competitively bid contracts awarded by Sourcewell, this can be another tool in your arsenal to achieve the vision you have for your facilities.


The goal of any company should not be to just sell you equipment but become a trusted partner you can always rely upon for taking care of all your gameday needs, especially long after a scoring solution is installed. No matter the situation, you should feel confident and secure with every step of the process and know your needs are being prioritized. When it comes to service, see what kind of resources are at your disposal and check with other schools or facilities to see what their experience was like and how any issues they faced were resolved.

At a bare minimum, there should be an easily navigable website with resources that are easy to find and a service department to contact if you have any issues or questions.

  • Is there a detailed page for every available product describing its features and functions along with other supporting documents?
  • Is there a frequently asked questions (FAQ) section to answer any common questions or helpful instructional how-to videos?
  • Is the service department easy to reach by phone, do they offer the option to submit a support ticket, and are issues resolved in an efficient and timely manner?
  • If any parts need to be replaced, do they clearly communicate how quickly you can expect to have them?

The answers to these questions will help you know what to expect and checking all of these boxes should be the standard your school or athletic facility deserves for such an important investment.


Nevco has been enhancing the gameday experience for over 85 years with custom scoring solutions that offer full integration amongst its entire product line, allowing Nevco to be a single-source provider for all your scoring equipment needs. Here are some other factors that also make Nevco stand out among other scoring solution providers:

  • UL Listed for over 50 years with industry-leading 99.9% on-time delivery rate
  • Lowest cost of ownership with multiple financing options including Sports Marketing, Sourcewell and NCL Government Capital
  • Industry’s best warranties with products supported past warranty, meaning an entire scoring solution does not need to be replaced due to any minor issues
  • Scoreboard Designer tool giving you the power to create a custom solution in your own vision in addition to proof designs available for review and approval
  • Training and troubleshooting that includes FAQs, instructional videos and direct customer service support- never from a third party

If you are interested in learning more about Nevco’s scoring solutions, visit or contact your local scoring and display consultant at 1.800.851.4040 or