Put A Scoreboard in Everyone’s Hands

Live Scores: Scorbitz is the only automated solution to bring scores directly from your stadium, gymnasium, and ball field scoreboards, into the hands of your fans in real-time. No more having to waste time entering scores manually into a separate app. By simply connecting a Scorbitz gateway device to your Nevco scoreboard controller, you can automatically share the game time, home and guest scores, and stats in real time with your fans on their smart phones, tablet or PC.

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Generate Revenue: You’re sitting on an unrealized revenue stream that’s only a click away! By participating in the Scorbitz Advertising Revenue Program, you can generate revenue for your athletic program through advertising opportunities. Think of the exposure opportunities available to your community sponsors by sharing their ads throughout all of your athletic seasons.

  • Create brand exposure “bundling” packages during regular season games for all sports
  • Generate addition revenue, beyond ticket sales and concessions, when hosting tournaments
  • Allow your best regional supporters to advertise during State Championship Playoff games

Generate Revenue & Engage With Your Fans


Putting Your Fans First

  • Offer your fans the latest technology in real-time scores and online fan communities, so your fans can follow all the action from their mobile device, tablet or computer.
  • Easy to manage and communicate all game schedules for each sports team. Plus provide directions to each game, weather forecast, and any other information you enter regarding the event such as price of admission.
  • Dynamic advertising allows revenue generation for your venue, school or event.
  • Scorbitz provides each organization with its own personal webpage. Personalize your webpage URL to make it easy for your fans to remember (
  • Real-time scoring for both home and away games. A free administration app is available to manually input scores at away games if other schools you play don’t have Scorbitz yet.
  • Provide exciting pre-game, game-time, and post game information through your teams’ social media channels.
  • Game results automatically recorded and made available to your fans. Multi-season support means your fans will be able to check any of your teams’ past season results with ease.


More than just scores…

  • Wow your fans and lead the pack by offering the latest technology in real-time scores.
  • Raise revenue for your athletics program by advertising through the web based program.
  • Alumni, parents, and boosters will have a new avenue to stay involved and up-to-date on their favorite team’s record.
  • This advanced feature could help your facility secure key games and tournaments.

Easily Activate a New Revenue Stream
SCORBITZ is an Online Sports Community serving your fans wanting access to the streaming live scores of the games played in your stadiums, gymnasiums and ball fields. By automatically linking your current scoreboard data in real-time to the SCORBITZ and FREE Fan App, you gain access to a new revenue generator for your school or organization.

Purchase Ads on Scorbitz
Advertisers, show your support for your local and regional teams with advertisements that reach your target audiences and provide much needed revenue for your local schools and sports venues. Get in contact with your local school and tell them you want to advertise on their SCORBITZ virtual scoreboard

New Advertising Inventory
By purchasing an advertising revenue program for your organization and linking to SCORBITZ you will provide a VALUABLE LIVE CONTENT STREAM to your fans and be given valuable Mobile Advertising Inventory to enhance your current advertising plan. You can manage and sell the ad space above your virtual scoreboard
personally or you can use the SCORBITZ 660 SPONSOR PLAN shown to create

Triple the Power of Your Sponsorship

  • Advertising space above or below the school or organization’s virtual scoreboard displayed on the Scorbitz website.
  • Advertising space above or below the school or organization’s virtual scoreboard displayed on the Fan App on both iPhone and Android phones.
  • Advertising dollars will go towards the team, athletic programs, and broader organization use.

Equipment Needed

A Nevco Scoreboard

Scorbitz Scoreboard Gateway

Internet Connection

Electrical Connection