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GREENVILLE, IL, January 4, 2017 – Rapides Parish Coliseum in Alexandria, LA is adding significant elements to their hosted events’ atmosphere and guests’ experience with a new six sided center hung Nevco LED Video Display and Scoring Solution.

The center-hung is comprised of three Nevco 10mm Full Color LED Video Displays, three Nevco 10mm Full Color LED Message Centers, and three Nevco custom 2710 Scoreboards with Electronic Team Names. The three new Nevco 10mm Full Color LED Video Displays will have the ability to present live action, crowd pleasing fan prompts, up to date statistical and scoring information for sporting events, and revenue generating messages from sponsors in over 150,000 combined pixels.

Sport going fans will stay up to date with the latest score as three of the six sides of the structure are custom Model 2710 Scoreboards complete with Electronic Team Names, making it ideal to host multiple teams at the Coliseum.

Below each of the three scoreboards, the center-hung structure will have three Nevco Full Color LED 10mm Message Centers. Message Centers allow for even more dynamic messages that catch fans’ attention, enhance sponsorship packages, convey important messages, and excite the crowd. The complement of both a video display and message center allow double the revenue-generation potential for the Coliseums’s hosted events.

The video display and scoring project is set to install at Rapides Coliseum in early 2017.

Check out the winning rendering below and be sure to check out to see live install photos!