Automated Platform to Display and Report Your Scores

The only automated platform that displays and reports live scores

Scorebird makes it easy to connect your fans to the game from anywhere as the single source for all your live scoring and reporting needs. Display a live virtual scoreboard and feature overlays for live streams or broadcasts on websites and apps. Enjoy score updates that are reported automatically to state associations, schedule providers and on social media, reducing administrative responsibilities. Generate new streams of revenue to support your athletic programs and more.

With Scorebird, your fans will never miss a second of the action.

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Every game available everywhere automatically. Scorebird makes it easier than ever to bring every tick of the scoreboard and the live data it displays from the field, court  rink to your fans no matter their location. Simply connect Scorebird’s NeST (Networking Scoring Transmitter) to your Nevco scoreboard controller or scoreboard itself, give your teams a global reach all season long, create new revenue streams for your athletic department, and take the work off your own hands with the reporting of scores automatically done for you wherever they need to be sent.

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Putting the power in your hands to change the way fans experience the game


-Can easily be embedded and added to a website, app, or by your athletic website partner to feature live updates where you want them

-Live scoreboards available in your team’s colors to capture the action in real time as it happens

-Live data feed can be tapped into via Scorebird API

-Ability to show the team’s entire schedule, including scores for past games


-Easy-to-use broadcast overlay widgets can be added up to eight live stream providers and third-party providers such as Facebook, YouTube and Twitch

-Give your broadcasts a clean and professional look with real-time scoreboard data directly on your video feed


-Final scores sent to state associations, schedule providers and more on your behalf with no extra steps

-X (Twitter) accounts automatically tagged in posts featuring real-time score updates

-Free mobile app delivers real-time scores to your fans anywhere in the world. A custom mobile app can also be created and tailored to your liking

-Ability to input scores manually into the Scorebird Admin App if NeST not available to use


-Scorebird’s live scoring sponsorship allows ads to be shown everywhere a team’s live score is displayed, including websites and apps

-Keep 100% of the sponsorship revenue generated by your teams and enjoy the freedom to set the cost of sponsorships at a price of your choosing

-Assistance provided by Scorebird for new advertising opportunities, including the ability to relay what sponsors would like to see


Engage the fans with technology that goes to work for you

-No delays for fans who can’t see the game in person whether its real-time live scoring or automatic updates reported on websites, apps and social media

-Complete control of sponsorship revenue, including all proceeds, with Scorebird’s support

-Simple installation process to quickly get up and running with 24/7 support available

-Reputation as innovative athletic department with technology to host marquee events or tournaments