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Nevco Scorer’s Table

Greenville, IL – Nevco is proud to introduce their new line up of scorer’s tables. The Nevco scorer’s table product line will include both static and LED scorer’s tables. The static scorer’s tables will be available in both free-standing and bleacher mount. The LED scorer’s tables will also be available in both monochrome and full color configurations. Nevco scorer’s table will be available in numerous sizes to meet the needs of every facility.

The Nevco scorer’s tables are precisely engineered from top to bottom for maximum form and function. The table tops feature predrilled access holes and recessed drink cup holders on a wide laminated table top. The shatterproof laminated face plates, lockable casters, aluminum welded frames, heavy duty vinyl padding and built-in power receptacles are designed for year-after-year performance.

Indoor athletic venues and the overall game experience for fans, sponsors, coaches and players will be enhanced with the addition of a Nevco scorer’s table. These tables are capable of displaying advertising, in-game animations, player profiles, statistical information and even virtual scoring. The Nevco LED scorer’s tables are powered by the powerful Nevco Composer Software.

If you are interested in learning more about how you can maximize your courtside impact please contact your local Nevco Display and Scoring Consultant. They will be happy to provide an on-site analysis to determine the perfect scorer’s table solution for your facility.

Nevco scorer’s tables are now available and will be available for shipping in early November. Contact your local Display and Scoring Consultant for more information. ')}