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Nevco And Equalis Partner on Scoring Solutions

GREENVILLE, IL, April 13, 2020 – Nevco is proud to announce their partnership with the Equalis Group, a cooperative purchasing organization designed to provide all public sector entities with competitively solicited contracts for products and services.

For over 85 years, Nevco Sports has been a leader in the scoreboard and video display industry, designed to be a turnkey scoring solutions partner for schools, sports teams and community organizations. “Our commitment is to our customers and community” says Eric Light, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Nevco. “Teaming up with Equalis further elevates our mission of being customer focused and gives us the ability to expand our reach”.

Who is Equalis:

The Equalis Group is designed to be an innovative cooperative purchasing organization that believes in the power of partnerships. “Our mission is to ensure each partner feels important. For us to be successful, we believe our partner’s need to be successful first” says Stephen Hull, CEO of the Equalis Group.

Currently, the Equalis Group has  more than 100 supplier contracts, with Nevco Sports being one of their 23 strategic suppliers. In addition, Nevco will be one of the only scoreboard and video display manufacturers on contract. “With having a near exclusive presence, Equalis has shown the investment they are making in us, which means we will be invested in them” says Light.

Choose the Nevco Difference:

“We often discuss the Nevco Difference” Light mentions. “What this means is as your partner, we’ll elevate your game-day experience by identifying your scoring needs and providing unmatched service.” With the partnership in place, Nevco Sports will be able to further its commitment to service by providing member schools and public entities a special members-only discount from list price on most scoreboard and video display products.. “We’re excited to have Nevco as one of our strategic partners” says Hull. “With their expertise in scoreboards and video displays, our members will have a chance to work with one of the industry’s best.”