Message Centers

Communicate more than the score.

Fans’ eyes are constantly shifting back and forth between the play and the scoreboard. You have the opportunity to communicate more than the score to your captive audience.

A Nevco LED message center can be added to any scoreboard, indoor or outdoor with multiple sizes and configurations to maximize your impact and your budget.

When a Nevco message center is installed with a scoreboard, you have the opportunity to significantly enhance the game experience for your fans, players, coaches, and even your community.

A Nevco message center also gives you more opportunities to increase sponsorship and ad revenue with virtually limitless ad space. With a digital display attached to your Nevco scoreboard you can show key game stats with the virtual scoring overlay; generate additional revenue by featuring sponsors; and further excite your fans with engaging fan prompts.

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Nevco has a vast library of animations for multiple sports and business applications to be displayed on a message center so you can be up and running on day one.

You also have the ability to easily create your own unique and custom animations with Nevco software. MyCloudDisplay is a Cloud based software media management system that allows you to operate your message center with any device that has a web browser, from anywhere with internet access. Once you have your images, animations and content selected, then you can easily build a playlist to communicate your messages.

Quality Second To None

Nevco means quality.  Like Nevco scoreboards, Nevco message centers are designed with high-quality LED technology built to last approximately 100,000 hours, which reduces energy costs and requires zero maintenance.

Indoors or outdoors, Nevco full-color message centers are the perfect complement to any new or existing Nevco scoreboard or as a stand-alone display.

Features and Benefits:

  • Moving messages get more attention. Enhance your sponsorship packages, convey important messages and excite your crowd!
  • Variety of LED display sizes to fit any budget.
  • Various sizes and configurations for both indoor and outdoor scoreboards with wide viewing angles.
  • Proprietary weather-resistant technology.
  • Full-color LED displays.
  • Retrofit your existing scoreboard with a message center or design an entirely new scoring solution.