Display Director

With the investment in your Nevco Video Display, you also get the industry’s leading content management software, Display Director. Nevco’s proprietary Display Director™ software is the industry’s most innovative, affordable, and easy-to-use clip server software/content management software. With Display Director, you can simplify your game-day operations and control your video displays, LED fascia boards, and LED Scorers Tables all from the easy-to-use, touchscreen interface.  Display Director is robust enough to be your control room solution, or be the front-end of a more sophisticated control room solution and can easily integrate with new or existing control room equipment.

  • Robust display capabilities. Display live game footage and instant replays, zone your video display into different sections to feature multiple images, or create moments of exclusivity by syncing all of your LED screens, rings, and scorers tables as one display.
  • Industry leading integration capabilities. Display Director easily integrates with the most popular third party applications on the market today such as StatCrew and FinishLynx along with others.
  • Intuitive, simple user interface. Content files organized on the screen as “hot buttons” and media sequencer allows you to easily create playlists.  We offer a laptop and desktop version of Display Director to offer the ultimate in flexibility.
  • All-in-one solution. Software, video displays, ancillary LED boards, LED rings, LED scorers tables, stadium sound, and scoreboards all provided by Nevco.  Vertical product integration means you get the highest quality equipment and technology.
  • Best in class service. By getting all of your displays and software from Nevco, you only have one number to call and we can provide remote access diagnostics to help optimize and adjust the system as necessary.

Simplify Your Game-day Operations

University Branding

Fan Prompts

In-game Promotions

In-game Action

Player Recognition

Video Clips

Manage Multiple Zones

Overlay Functionality

Control All Display Zones

Virtual Scoring

Stat Integration/Zoning

LED Table Integration

Complete Control Over All Of Your Displays

Complete Control

  • Display Director software and equipment are included with the investment of your Nevco Video Display. 
  • You have the ability to operate all displays in the stadium or arena with just one PC. This includes your Nevco LED Scorers Tables and any future LED Displays like fascia or ribbon boards.
  • This software allows you to display any content that you like, zone the screen, create graphic overlays, integrate a live camera feed, and seamlessly connects with new or existing sound systems.
  • Display Director also allows you to do virtual scoring and virtual stat panels for even more game statistical information for your fans and coaches.

item-1Buttons and Tabs—Intuitive by Design

With a drop-and– drag, point-and-click interface and a common sense approach to formatting, Display Director allows a first time display operator the ability to master game time control with little training and practice.  Users save individual media clips (images, video, audio, etc) as individual “buttons” and arrange buttons in user defined “tabs,” making it easy to find and play your media files.

item-2Media Sequences and Hot Buttons

You can easily group multiple buttons into “playlists.” Create a pre-game sequence to automatically play your starting line-up script. Make a loop-ing ad sequence and designate the hold time for each sponsorship.  You can interrupt a sequence by pressing a “hot button”, such as a fan prompt  like “Make some noise!”, and then revert back to the sequence at the same point where it was interrupted.

item-3Templates and Zoning

Display operators can choose from multiple templates for content layout or inserting various “zones” of content.  Display Director’s zoning capabil-ities are robust.  Each zone’s content can be set individually to run inde-pendently of the other zones. Any given zone can be set to feature pre-de-fined content loops, video feeds, stats, scores, Division standings, or instant “hot button” fan prompts.


As an easier option to zoning, Display Director offers Overlays (some-times called a “bug”) which place content  over  other video content.  For example, you can place a sponsor image or a score box on top of live video from the game at the bottom of the video, like sports programs do on TV.  Or you can lay a heart-shaped cut-out over the whole screen for a “Kiss Cam.”

item-5Coordinate and Synchronize

With Display Director, it’s easy to control all of the video in your venue.  With the push of a button, you can play the same content on all devices at once, including video screens, fascia/ribbon boards, scorers tables, mes-sage centers, monitors in the VIP room, and more.  And of course, Display Director automatically sizes the content precisely to each screen. You can even control each device individually or in user-defined groups.

Video and Audio 

Display Director can process live video feed from cameras, instant replay buffers, DVD players or other video sources, all without having to buy an expensive scalar computer. The software can also act as an audio file server, to play back sound or music files with video or independently. You can tie audio to video or image clips, so that anytime that content file is deployed, the associated audio file plays along with it.

item-7Scoring and Statistical Data Integration

Display Director  interfaces with Nevco scoreboards to obtain Real Time scoring and timing data. Display Director also interfaces with standard statistical subscription services such as StatCrew®.  Scoring, timing, and advertising can all be divided and displayed into pre-built templates with dedicated zones.  Display operators can used this data to populate graph-ics on the screen for player headshots, halftime stats and more.

Media Types

Display Director accepts all the most popular media types including: Video files (.avi, .mpg, .mov), Image files (.jpg, .png, .bmp), Audio files (.wav, mp3/mp4), Live Data Integration (from Nevco scoring devices or statistical software).