Nevco Composer Software

Whether you’re changing the displayed message on your school’s entrance electronic marquee, your athletic facility’s message center, or conveying an important message on your business or church LED sign, Nevco’s Composer software lets you easily change the displaying message to your audience.

Nevco’s LED technology for electronic marquees, digital signs, and message centers is powered by our proprietary Composer content management software designed for ease-of-use, energy efficiency, and message clarity.

Our Composer software allows you to program your digital sign remotely, from the convenience of an indoor office; and electronic displays can help you communicate up to 2,500 times more information than a traditional static sign. You can rotate messages with our playlist technology or manually change any message 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Nevco Composer makes operating your LED Display as easy as 1-2-3.


To compose your playlist, enter any text that you want to display and select its appearance and transitional effects. Easily display date, time, temperature, animations and even your own graphics.


You have composed your playlist, now click one button to preview. Content will appear on the preview panel exactly as it will on your Nevco marquee, message center, or LED sign.


Easily transmit your playlists to Nevco digital displays via direct cable or wireless control. Schedule your message days, weeks, months or even years in advance. Set dates, times, night dimming options and more!

Advanced Scheduling

Custom Animations

Instant Message Capabilities

Display Multiple Messages

Software Features

Proprietary content management software designed and supported by Nevco.  You will be notified of software updates as the occur and don’t have to worry about falling behind on technology.

Starter library includes over 70 animations.  You you can be up and running with professional looking messages to the community on day one.

Single-Click Graphic Import (.jpg, .gif, .bmp, .avi, etc.) Other electronic display software require a separate utility to import graphics and turn them into usable messages; our Composer software is one-click and easy-to-use.

Easily zoom, crop, move and resize images.  Taking an image from a digital photo and creating an image to be placed on the message center can be done in one step.

Combine graphics and text. Easily customize professional looking content with your own messages

Display Effects include checkerboard, fly-ins, flashing text, etc. Draw attention to your LED digital sign ensuring people notice your message.

Unlimited amount of stored playlists within a project. Gives you complete control over what message is conveyed and when.

Instant Message capabilities. When the LED digital sign is used for both sports and daily informational purposes, this allows you to instantly trigger content at specific times for fan excitement. Display “Touchdown”, “3 Pointer”, or “Home Run” at key plays to further engage your fans in the game!

Category/Library Management. Allows you to keep your content organized so you can quickly create and modify content.

Display date, time, and temperature daily. Providing a useful informational service to the community keeps people looking at your electronic sign every day.

365-Day Scheduling of Multiple Message. Create and modify messages when it is convenient for you and schedule them to change automatically.

Adjustable Brightness Level and Automatic Photo Sensor Dimming. Allows for conformance to city ordinances that require automatic brightness control and keeps messages legible regardless of the surrounding lighting conditions.

Proof of Performance Log. Give administrators or community sponsors/advertisers proof that their content was ran on the sign even if they weren’t there to see it.

Pixel Calibration Utility. Keep the brightness and color uniform for the life of the LED digital sign by balancing a new replacement panel to match the rest of the display.

Automatic Daylight Savings Time. Always have the accurate time displayed.

Single-screen administration. Import content, create playlists, schedule content, and update your electronic sign all within a single application which makes managing the display easy-to-use.

Custom Animations.  Nevco’s HYPE Creative Services division can help you create custom animations for your specific digital display.  Click here to learn more about HYPE Creative Services.