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GREENVILLE, IL, September 6, 2018 – Longview ISD Lobos fans and athletes in Longview, Texas will experience a new game-day atmosphere in Lobo Stadium for the 2018-19 season with a new Nevco Video Display and Scoring Solution.

Fans will have 324,000 more reasons to cheer this season with Lobo Stadium’s new Nevco 16mm Full Color, LED Video Display that stretches over 47’ wide, and possesses multiple abilities to ease game-day operations including variable content zoning, which allows for one large image to be shown on the entire screen, or for multiple zones of the display to show any combination of live in-game video. Eye-catching animations, instant replays and sponsorship messages will further enhance Lobos fans’ game-day experience.

“The addition of the new Nevco Video Display will significantly enhance the game-day atmosphere at Lobo Stadium and increase our ability to bring continued success to our athletic programs,” said John King, Longview ISD Athletic Director. “The display will allow us to increase the visibility of our current sponsors and gain the ability to aid in the procurement of new sponsors.”

The eye-catching video display is capable of showcasing everything from thrilling game action and instant replays to vibrant animated graphics and sponsorship messages, operated through the use of the MotionRocket Sports Video Control System Software.

A decorative open air Arched Truss with rear-lit letters spelling out LOBO STADIUM flanked by rear-lit Lobos logos, rest above the display and gives it a personalized touch.

“Working with Longview ISD on this project has been a privilege. They were in search of a unique scoring solution for Lobo Stadium, and I firmly believe that our end product brought their vision to life,” said Wes Wood, Nevco National Sports Video Sales Executive.

Additionally, Longview ISD will work with Nevco’s HYPE Creative Services to help develop and create custom branded graphics and fan prompts that display the bright spectrum of colors and brilliance of the video board. Longview ISD is debuted the video display in its home opener at Lobo Stadium on August 31. Check out the live install photo below, and be sure to read more about other recent Nevco projects at









About Nevco: Nevco is the largest private manufacturer and provider of video display, scoring and audio solutions. For over 80 years, Nevco has provided colleges, universities, high schools, park and recreation groups, and other organizations with the most innovative scoring and LED video display products in the industry. Nevco is known for its specialty in designing custom facility solutions, quality of products, and superior long term financial value. Today, Nevco scoreboards, message centers and video displays are used to enhance the fan experience at events in more than 100,000 locations around the world. For more information on Nevco, visit their website at