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Abshier Stadium at Deer Park ISD Scores New Video Display and Scoring Solution

GREENVILLE, IL, September 17, 2015– When Deer Park fans enter Clyde Abshier Stadium in Deer Park, TX this fall, they will be impressed by the state-of-the-art custom video display and scoring solution designed and manufactured by Nevco.

The Nevco full color, LED Video Display stretches over 47’ wide and has over 207,000 pixels illuminating the field to have Deer Park fans on their feet like never before. The 47’ wide screen allows operators the ultimate flexibility to use variable content zoning which allows the display to simultaneously show either one large screen of game play or divide the screen into separate windows filled with the combination of the live play, sponsorship messages, instant replays, up to date scoring information, graphic animations and highlights. The Nevco equipment is an integrated with industry-leading software to run game-day operations and ensure the ultimate fan-centric environment in the stadium.

The stadium’s previous scoreboard only had six static signs for sponsors, limiting the number of sponsorship spots available. Now, with the investment in a larger video display, the scoring and display solution allows for even more digital space for sponsors to proudly showcase their investment in the community’s activities, like high school athletics.

“We’re really excited about this upgrade to Abshier Stadium. Our student-athletes, student body, fans, parents, sponsors and entire community will benefit from the new Nevco equipment. The opportunities the new display gives us are endless and the atmosphere in the stadium is unlike we’ve seen before” said Jerry Creel the Athletic Director for Deer Park ISD.

The impactful Nevco Video Display is accompanied by a 58’ Nevco scoreboard complete with Electronic Team Names and interchangeable Intelligent Captions™ making it a multi-sport and multi-use structure. Deer Park ISD continued to enhance the stadium and maximize their impact with a large Nevco custom scoreboard jersey for the backside of the structure which allows for additional signage and revenue-generating opportunities.

The new scoring solution at Clyde Abshier Stadium was installed just in time for their home opener on Friday, August 28, 2015 against Dobie.

Check out the new display below and be sure to check out to plan your next scoring solution upgrade!