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Bring the benefits of LED Scorers Tables to your court

Picture lively pixels displaying player images and names, igniting pre-game excitement as your starting lineup is introduced amidst a bustling gymnasium. But these captivating visuals, designed to engage, entertain, and inform fans at your indoor facilities do not have to be limited to video displays on a wall or jumbotrons hanging above center court. LED Scorers Tables present comparable features and functionalities, all while offering ample comfort and space for your scorekeepers, announcers, analysts, and beyond.

There are plenty of long-lasting benefits these kinds of scoring tables can bring to your gymnasium or arena and if you’re considering making them part of your venue, we’re sharing everything you need to know.


An LED Scorers Table opens up endless opportunities to generate revenue through sponsorships and foster an electric atmosphere. It provides ultimate flexibility in what you can display that a static table could not and creates a win-win situation for all. Local businesses in your community have a chance to gain exposure, your athletic programs get the funding support they need, and your facility becomes the focal point of an entertaining experience for your athletes and fans with unlimited types of content to display.

  • Showcase and introduce the players in a starting lineup
  • Use sponsors to highlight key game moments and achievements or general promotion
  • Display live scores, stats and other important information
  • Engage your fans and raise the decibels with a variety of interactive graphics and prompts
  • Promote 50/50 drawings, fundraisers or other upcoming events
  • And more

LED Scorers Table at the University of North Florida

You can also utilize your LED Scorers Table beyond game-day and maximize its use in other ways to enhance a variety of school functions. Here are just a few ways to boost its value:

  • Video Production and Graphic Design Classes- Get your students involved in creating and managing content for your tables
  • Collegiate Signing Ceremonies- Conduct signings at your LED Table and display student’s name or college selection
  • Graduation Ceremonies- Have your tables in front of the stage in the gymnasium, displaying each student’s name as they walk in
  • Band and Orchestra Concerts- Welcome patrons and display upcoming band events
  • Dance and Cheering Competitions- Feature upcoming teams in sync with announcements
  • Pep Rallies- Display fan prompts and noise meters during chants and competitions
  • Fundraising Events- Thank sponsors and donors by displaying their logos and promote upcoming events
  • School Dances- Welcome students to the dance by displaying a welcome message

LED Scorers Table at Van Buren High School

Scorers Tables that can be combined with other tables, LED or static, allow more space for stunning visuals and customization courtside. This may allow you to display different types of content simultaneously in different zones or show a unified look for moments of exclusivity.


The potential of an LED Scorers Table can be exciting, but not all are made the same. Knowing what to look for when making your decision will give you satisfaction that you made the right choice for your venue. Consider some of these factors in your decision process and make sure your new table checks all the right boxes.


A table that is hard to transport to the right location or takes multiple people to set up and operate is wasted time that could be used taking care of other needs. Don’t let this become a reluctant process on game-day- look for lightweight and durable scorers tables you can easily move with footing that won’t scratch your floor. Tables that also have an option for built-in Possession/Bonus Indicators are one less thing to move as well that won’t get lost.


While a scorers table should be easy to move, it should also be stable with the ability to stay in place under just about any circumstances. This is primarily for safety reasons so players who run into the table can brace themselves while staff sitting at the table do not have to worry about being knocked off their spot. Scorers tables that use rubber footings instead of locking casters for sturdiness are more reliable for your safety needs, while the padding provides an extra layer of support. Also be sure to consider the construction material which is key for longevity. Tables made out of solid steel and aluminum will last longer and provide more use compared to wooden tables where the structural integrity may be compromised over time due to repeated impact.


A scorers table should maximize convenience and efficiency, making it easier for your staff to do their job. Whether it’s the location of a power strip, leg room or table space, having your provider switch out LED panels if needed or even upgrading the table for a larger and sharper look, it should never feel like you’re making a sacrifice. Keep details like this in mind as you make your decision to get the best out of your scorers table.

LED Scorers Table at Elkins High School


Nevco LED scorers tables equip you with everything you need to make game-day memorable from center court and the versatility to enhance any other event. Showcase endless types of content for your athletes and fans through our new 3.9mm LED Tables available in lengths spanning 5’ to 60’. Want to know more? Here are some benefits of our LED Tables:

  • Complete integration with other Nevco scoring equipment
  • User-friendly software to easily coordinate content to multiple zones or create uniformity
  • Robust graphic library
  • Industry-leading design
  • Heavy-duty, steel and aluminum construction
  • Durable and lightweight with proven and unique transport system
  • Safe and secure rubber footings for stability without scratching your floor
  • Industrial powder coat finish that resists scratching
  • No table legs, providing maximum knee space and leg room
  • Multiple outlet power strip located on top of the table
  • New 3.9mm Tables feature built-in cupholders
  • Best-in-market warranty

To learn more about Nevco’s new 3.9mm LED Scorers Tables, visit or contact your local scoring and display consultant at 1.800.851.4040 or to start the conversation.