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Bloomsburg University Selects Nevco

BLOOMSBURG, PA – As part of a $13.4 million dollar facelift to the Nelson Field House, Bloomsburg University (BU) unveiled a Nevco 4-face hybrid scoreboard today. The decision to add this scoreboard was made to improve the facilities, increase recruiting, improve game day experience and generate greater sponsorship revenue.

The installed unit is a 4-sided hybrid scoreboard where each side is composed of a traditional scoreboard on the upper portion with a virtual LED section underneath. This design provides the advantage of being able to display additional scorers, statistics and messages that a traditional scoreboard cannot provided. The full-color LED matrix can also display ads, sponsorships and in-game animations. The new scoreboard will now allow Bloomsburg University to communicate important events, energize their fans, highlight players and promote sponsors. Since it is a 4-faced solution, it will also provide maximum visibility to the fans throughout the facility.

As the university on the hill, BU overlooks to the Town of Bloomsburg, PA and is one of 14 public universities in the Pennsylvania State System of High Education. They have the lowest tuition and fees except for community colleges in Pennsylvania. The BU Huskies compete in the NCAA Division II (Wrestling Program is NCAA Division I) and have won 21 National Championships along with 109 PSAC Championships. ')}