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Adlai E. Stevenson scores with a new NEVCO virtual scoring display

Greenville, IL – Adlai E. Stevenson High School in Lincolnshire, IL continues to partner with Nevco to elevate its game-day experience with the purchase of a new virtual scoring video display. The new scoring solution will provide the school with one of the premier displays in Illinois and help transform fan engagement by maximizing a more exciting environment.

Over the past several years, Adlai E. Stevenson High School has entrusted Nevco to provide the scoring solutions for their athletic programs. Understanding the school’s needs has been vital for the on-going partnership, as Trish Betthauser, Director of Athletics, mentions “Nevco has always been a strong partner of Stevenson athletics because they take the time to learn about our vision for promoting Patriot events and they put in the work to make it a reality”.

Stevenson High School has enjoyed tremendous athletic success over the last two decades, including their first football state championship victory during the 2014-2015 season. With sustained excellence and the school’s commitment to its athletic facilities, the expectation is to continue to grow community engagement and support.

Come next football season will stand a new Nevco 16mm virtual scoring display that measures over 16’H and stretches 31.5’W designed to provide live-in game action, crowd engaging prompts, and endless revenue-generating sponsorship opportunities for the school. The eye-popping display will provide a new game-day atmosphere and provide Stevenson with a new homefield advantage.

“What a great experience it is to work with Stevenson High School,” said Dillon Brasher, Regional Video Consultant for Nevco. “I am extremely proud to be a part of the growing tradition of the school’s athletics and being able to bring these new upgrades for both the school and community to enjoy. We look forward to the continuing relationship and providing the right solutions for the school.”

The virtual scoring display will showcase everything from live game action and instant replays to vibrant animated graphics and sponsorship messages. Hidden away from the fan’s eye, the displays are operated by utilizing Nevco’s proprietary Display Director™ Software, which allows the Patriot’s game-day operations to be easily managed through, one, universal operating system.

“We take pride in providing the best for our students, whether it is in the classroom or the playfields. Nevco continues to meet and exceed our expectations and provide a level of product quality and service that is hard to match. The decision to work with Nevco remains simple,” said Betthauser.

The partnership between Stevenson and Nevco is one that will remain. The Nevco team takes pride in providing the necessary training and service to ensure the Patriots take full advantage of the new virtual scoring display. “We want the school and local community to be able to share in the excitement of the improved game-day experience,” says Basher.

Adlai E. Stevenson will look to open up its 2020 season this fall with pursuit of their second state football championship.