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GREENVILLE, IL, November 28, 2016– The Physical Activity Complex (PAC) at the University of Saskatchewan in Saskatoon, Canada, will welcome Huskie fans into the 2016-2017 season with new video displays from Nevco illuminating the PAC with over 1 million LED pixels.

The main attraction of the new Nevco equipment coming to the  PAC  is an eye-catching 12’H x 28’W wall-mounted 6mm LED Full Color Video Display complete with over 864,000 mesmerizing pixels that will allow the ultimate in technology and flexibility.  The video display has variable content zoning capabilities which has the ability to show either one large screen of game play or divide the screen into separate windows filled with any combination of live play, sponsorship messages, instant replays and highlights, up to date scoring information, and graphic animations.

The Nevco equipment is integrated with Nevco’s industry-leading, proprietary Display Director™ Software to run game-day operations and ensure the ultimate fan-centric environment in the arena. Nevco’s Display Director™ Software simplifies game-day operations with the ability to control LED video displays, LED fascia boards, and LED Scorers Tables all from the easy-to-use, touchscreen interface. They also worked with Nevco to design a new video control room, perfectly constructed for their needs. This is the first video control room the University of Saskatchewan has had at the PAC.

The Huskies continued to maximize their impact by adding a secondary wall mounted 6mm video display for auxiliary support and additional sponsorship messages. This display will be on the opposite gym wall (from the larger video display) and will add an additional 196,608 pixels as well as have full live video capabilities to support the larger display.

“We are proud to be one of the first Universities in this province to be leading the way with the investment in a video display and realizing the potential they have on our game-day experience for the fans and additional revenue potential from our sponsors,” says Michael Jenkins, Director Development and Marketing for Huskie Athletics.

Prior to selecting Nevco, the University of Saskatchewan toured several  installation sites of their potential vendors and after an extensive tour of Nevco’s manufacturing facilities, Nevco installation sites and discussing their operational best practices with Nevco President, Gary Robert, the University selected Nevco for this prestigious project.

Adding to the list of the Nevco equipment installed at the PAC, the Huskies included new Nevco Slim Shot Clocks with game time. The new Nevco Slim Shot Clocks offer the ultimate in durability and can easily integrate with Nevco accessories such as End of Period Lights and Locker Room Clocks.  In addition to the video displays, Nevco will also enhance the arena’s sidelines with 30’ of Scorers Tables providing additional advertising opportunities. The new 10mm LED Scorers Tables allow for not only more visual enhancements to the arena but revenue generating sponsorship opportunities for the University. The Nevco LED Scorer’s Tables allow the University to make the most of their court side by displaying virtually limitless inventory spots for sponsors, advertising, and donors.

The University of Saskatchewan Huskies continue to engage and excite fans by working with HYPE Creative Services, a division of Nevco, to create custom animations that include University branded fan prompts, graphics, headshots, shuffles and game-intros for volleyball and basketball for their new dual LED Video Displays and LED Scorers Tables.

“Working with University of Saskatchewan on this project has been a privilege and a pleasure.  We’ve been working collaboratively on this project for more than two years; the new displays will be a wonderful addition to the PAC and will provide fans with an even better game-day experience,” says Nevco Sales Consultant, Les Kichula.

Check out the live install photos below and be sure to check out to plan your next video display and scoring solution project!