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GREENVILLE, IL, June 28, 2016 – Sweeny ISD in Sweeny, TX, will give Bulldog fans a brand new game-day atmosphere in 2016 with the addition of a Nevco Full Color LED Video Display and Scoring Solution.

Bulldog Stadium, home of the football, soccer, and track Sweeny High School athletic teams, will welcome the community back into the 2016-2017 school year like never before with the addition of their Nevco Video Display complete with over 46,000 captivating pixels. The new display will have the ability to showcase everything from in-game action, to reruns of thrilling plays, to vibrant animated graphics, and revenue generating messages from sponsors.

“We are very excited about the upgrades at Bulldog Stadium to enhance our game-day experience for fans and the entire community. Our games, half-time productions and performances, and sponsorship opportunities will never be the same thanks to the new Nevco equipment. We owe a special thanks to the Sweeny ISD Education Foundation for their donation towards this awesome new scoring solution,” said Randy Lynch, Sweeny ISD Athletic Director.

The Video Display will be accompanied by a custom designed Nevco Intelligent Caption™ scoreboard making it easy to switch sport modes and interchangeable Electronic Team Names, which identifies each team’s name playing on the field. This means more student-athletes will have the opportunity for their time in the spotlight and their name lit up with 46,000 pixels.

To further customize the scoring solution, Sweeny ISD worked with Nevco to add a Stadium Pro™ 1000 so fans would hear player introductions, critical game plays, and important announcements in Bulldog Stadium clearer than they ever have before. The Stadium Pro™ 1000 will be discreetly mounted above the video display between two decorative arch trusses with customized scrim. Visual and audio clarity are vital to the game-day experience and these enhancements to Bulldog Stadium are sure to improve the stadium atmosphere for all fans to enjoy.

Check out the winning rendering below and be sure to check out to see the live install photos!

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