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Lexington High School Adds Nevco Equipment to Enhance Game Day Experience

GREENVILLE, IL, October 26, 2015–Lexington High School in South Carolina installed a new Nevco LED Video Display and Scoring Solution to improve the Wildcats’ fan and game day experience for their outdoor athletic events.

The 20mm LED Video display will stretch over 25’ wide and will include over 98,000 pixels that will showcase everything from in-game action, instant replays, exciting animated graphics and messages from sponsors.

Lexington High School will also be equipped with Nevco’s proprietary Display Director Software to enhance game day operations using a single, universal, touchscreen computer that will be easily operable for those running game-day operations. Display Director Software interfaces with Nevco scoreboards to obtain real time scoring and game-time data and uses this data to populate virtual scoring on the screen as well as graphics for player headshots, halftime stats, and more.

“The new video display, scoring solution and sound equipment upgrades to the stadium bring new opportunities for our entire community. The solution will greatly improve the game-day experience for student athletes, parents, fans and sponsors at our events,” says Josh Stepp, Lexington High School Athletic Director.

The eye-catching LED Video Display will be accompanied by a custom Nevco scoreboard that includes changeable Electronic Team Names and Intelligent Captions™ making it easy to switch between sport modes. The scoring display also includes a decorative arch truss with the lit Wildcat logo prominently making its mark in the center.

Taking the upgrade a step further to maximize their impact, the Lexington Wildcats’ innovative scoring solution also includes the cutting edge Nevco Stadium Pro 2000 sound system. The Stadium Pro 2000 is located discreetly above the video display and includes two weather resistant cabinets complete with customizable scrim and two enclosed sub woofers located in the all-in-one scoring solution. The Stadium Pro is uniquely designed for the athletic market and will produce full-range reproduction of music and speech ensuring sound clarity.

Player introductions, half-time band productions, and dance team performances will be clear and audible like never before ensuring families, friends, and fans see their Wildcats on the big screen and feel a whole new game-day experience.

Check out the new display below and be sure to check out to plan your next scoring solution upgrade!