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Evansville Otters Add New Nevco Equipment to Historical Bosse Field

GREENVILLE, IL, April 23, 2015– Bosse Field, Home of the Evansville Otters, and where the iconic 1992 movie “A League of their Own” was filmed, recently upgraded their scoreboard with a custom Nevco LED 20mm Video display and new signage.

The display stretches nearly 20’ wide and shows live in-game video, instant replays, live scoring and statistical information, fan-engaging graphics and animations, and sponsorship messages. The vibrant video display is accompanied by sponsorship signs flanking each side of the display. As a minor league baseball team they have numerous on-field activities and promotions in between innings. With the new video board it really brings these promotions to life for the fans in the stands.

The upgraded solution made its debut just in time as they celebrated by watching the hit blockbuster, “A League of Their Own,” for their 100th birthday in June 2015, making Bosse Field the third oldest, behind Wrigley and Fenway.

Check out the new display below and be sure to check out to plan your next scoring solution upgrade!