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GREENVILLE, IL, November 28, 2016– The Cougars at Bloomington High School North in Bloomington, Indiana are prowling onto the football field like never before thanks to their new Nevco Video Display and Scoring Solution.

The Nevco 20mm Full Color LED Video Display stretches over 15’ wide and has capabilities  to display live video and instant replays as well divide the screen into separate windows to show a variety of vivid graphics, colorful animations, and sponsor advertisements. It incorporates excellent image clarity and contrast with wide angle visibility, while providing multiple levels of protection from the outdoor elements.

“It is exciting to further enhance our game-day experience for Cougar fans with the addition of the new Nevco LED Video Board at our stadium, and be one of the first high schools in our conference with this leading technology,” Bloomington High School North Principal Jeff Henderson said. “We are pleased to partner with Nevco and believe additions such as these will help us continue to build the Bloomington High School North Cougar brand. With the new Video Display and Finishlynx integration capability, we will be able to continue to successfully host sectional and regional track meets and bring a whole new level of excitement to the events!”

The video display sits above a Nevco Model 3619 Football Scoreboard with Electronic Team Names and an imprinted school logo to show their Cougar pride. The Cougars added a decorative arch truss with the school mascot logo sitting above the Nevco Video Display.

Check out the live install photos below and be sure to check out to plan your next video display and scoring solution project!

Bloomington 1