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Nevco Showcases Video, Scoreboard at NCAA Show

SAN ANTONIO, TX – Today Nevco, Inc., the largest private manufacturer and distributor of LED video and scoreboard products, will exhibit at the NCAA Convention and Trade Show in San Antonio, TX. Located at Booth #52, Nevco video display consultants will be on hand to talk with athletic directors of leading colleges and universities about the current state of technology surrounding LED video displays, which are becoming more and more prevalent at schools across the nation and around the world.

“Our purpose at this show is to help athletic directors and other key decision makers understand the breadth of their options when evaluating video display solutions for their athletic facilities,” said Eric Light, Director of Sales for Nevco, Inc. “Obviously, we hope they choose Nevco products in the end, but for now, we just want to help them get a foundation of knowledge so they know the right questions to ask while they search for the solution that’s right for them.”

Nevco video display consultants will be available at the trade show to help attendees understand the different capabilities of video technology and select the right solution for their school. In addition, these consultants will also offer insight into how schools can use their video solutions to enhance the enjoyment of the game through the use of crowd-energizing graphics and animations. Tips on how to use video for ad and sponsorship revenue will also be discussed.

The term “video” has many different meanings to people outside the industry, and these different interpretations of the term can mean a difference in tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars. For example, video can mean a solution that provides live, on-field/on-court images or instant replays. It can also mean the technology that displays an animated graphical advertisement or sponsorship message. It can even be a virtual component of an attached scoreboard, showing additional statistics (such as players, fouls, time outs left, games/sets won, weight classes, etc.) for different sports.

Nevco consultants will be at Booth #52, in the Texas Ballroom on the 4th floor of the Grand Hyatt hotel in San Antonio, TX, from 11am until 6:30 pm on Thursday, January 12 and from 7:30am until 3:30pm on Friday, January 13. Free consultations are available on a first come first served basis or through pre-arranged appointments that can be scheduled by calling Nevco, Inc. at 800-851-4040, ext 116. ')}