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GREENVILLE, IL, April 6, 2020 – Dover High School in Dover, OH has partnered with Nevco to elevate its game-day experience with new video displays and scoring solutions. Over the past year, Dover has enhanced its fan engagement by transforming their football stadium and gymnasium to maximize a more exciting environment.

For decades, Dover High School has enjoyed tremendous athletic success and community support. With over 100 years of athletic competition, the Tornadoes have won six state championships between the men’s and women’s teams, the most recent being the women’s golf team in 2014. With the commitment to facility enhancements, the school looks to replicate past success, while increasing fan engagement.

“What a great experience it was to work with Dover High School,” said Scott Butler, Regional Video Consultant for Nevco. “I am extremely proud to be a part of the growing tradition of the school’s athletics and being able to bring these new upgrades for both the school and community to enjoy.”

Last August, the Tornadoes upgraded their football stadium with the addition of a new full color, 16mm Nevco video display that provides an unmatched game-day experience. The new video display, which measures 13’H x 22’W, is uniquely positioned between a custom Model 3685 Intelligent Caption scoreboard. The scoring solution provides unlimited revenue generation possibilities as well as new community engagement opportunities.

“Our mission is to provide top notch facilities for our athletic programs, and Nevco offered that ability. With high quality products and a long lasting, positive reputation, the decision to work with Nevco was simple,” said Tim McCrate, Athletic Director of Dover High School. “We couldn’t be more pleased with the service and product.”

More recently, Dover completed construction on a new gymnasium that includes a host of Nevco provided solutions. The new home for Tornadoes’ basketball and volleyball features two new scoreboards, stat panels for real time player updates, shot clocks, and more. The main attraction is the new full color, 6mm Nevco video display. The gymnasium display is nearly 8’H x 12’W and features astonishing picture quality that offers a better fan experience and an increase in revenue opportunities for the school, capitalizing on sponsors who want to reach the crowd at Friday night football, men’s and women’s basketball games, volleyball matches, and wrestling.

“Having the opportunity to put Nevco provided solutions across the campus at Dover is something I take a lot of pride in,” said Butler. “Working with Tim, the Boosters, and the school community as a whole was a tremendous experience and made my job easy as the Scoring Consultant.”

Dover will open its football season in August, year two with its new scoring solutions, and the school will welcome athletics back in their new gymnasium when volleyball begins in the fall.