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Winona School District gets a Facelift with a New LED Marquee Sign

Winona, MO – The Winona R-III School District has purchased and installed a 3-ft x 8-ft 16mm monochrome Marquee Kit from Nevco. The new sign replaces their old style sign with changeable plastic letters. Officials at the school felt that the original sign looked outdated and was very inefficient for their needs. After seeing some of the Nevco message centers installed at other schools, Winona purchased one of their own using funding from a beverage distributor.

The Winona School District uses the sign to promote school events 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to students, faculty, parents and community. The dynamic nature of the sign enables the school to display more content than their old, static sign. Because the electronic sign can display virtually unlimited content, Winona School District can easily promote all sports at all levels, boys and girls, varsity and JV. The school can also promote non-sporting events, like music concerts, drama productions and other student activities. While facilities with traditional, static signage may have to choose which content to display and which announcements they don’t have room for, Winona School District can promote every event they offer. By offering more promotion and support for more events, Winona School District can increase student participation, community awareness and can even increase revenue through additional ticket sales.

The Nevco Marquee Kit comes with a double-sided message center and a double-sided lighted sign. The internal bracket structure of the marquee kit was easily attached to the beam Winona provided. The flexibility of Nevco’s wireless receiver allows the school to update their message center trouble-free; no more walking back and forth to the highway. The LED display will show text, custom animations, graphics or even automatically update the time, date and temperature. A photo cell sensor within the kit will automatically adjust the brightness of the sign and message center for the night or day (sunny or overcast), providing maximum visibility at all times. The final product is a marquee that makes a statement all on its own.

“We are very happy with the product and we have no regrets about it,” says Scott Lindsay of the Winona R-III School District. When he compares their message center to other schools now, he feels that it is clear the other signs are “not as nice as ours.”

The Winona R-III School District is a rural K-12 school system with less than 500 students in total. ')}