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Why sports marketing may be the right move to maximize your athletic revenue

For over 20 years, Nevco Sports Marketing has assisted more than 650 schools in receiving over $18 million in new athletic equipment and more than $5 million in revenue.


Athletic directors, at schools large or small, or directors of recreational facilities have quite the schedule.

Scheduling seasons for the teams who play at their facilities, overseeing those events to ensure they run smoothly, making sure their facilities are in top shape, hiring decisions and managing their budgets are just a few of the things that make up their tasks. However, the obstacles that come with the constraints of an athletic budget should not have to be added to an already full list.

Whether lacking the time or resources to secure new revenue streams or lacking the funds to support programs or upgrade scoring equipment, a sports marketing program may be the right choice to save time, eliminate stress and find solutions that maximize your revenue. Because sports can be a natural unifier of an entire community, a good sports marketing program can take the work off your hands strengthening the relationships between your school or recreational facility and local businesses for you at the benefit of all parties involved.

If a sports marketing program sounds like the right choice for your facilities, there are a couple of factors to consider that will help ensure your athletic programs and budget will be in a strong position for years to come.


No two athletic budgets are the same and a good sports marketing program should have the capability to cater to your specific needs. The good news is that the eyes of spectators are going to naturally be drawn to a scoreboard, scorers table or video display, making it an attractive option for local businesses or organizations to provide the sponsorship revenue you need to reach your goals. No matter the situation, you should have confidence in the plan outlined before you and choose a program that has a proven track record of longevity and success.

Whether starting off with no budget or a limited or partial one to upgrade athletic equipment, or simply wanting to pad the athletic budget by maximizing revenue on existing equipment, Nevco Sports Marketing has experienced it all and continues to create innovative solutions with unique situations and needs in mind.


As a school or recreational facility, it is a good idea to become familiar with and understand your surroundings, knowing the history of your community and where it is going. It’s important to consider:

  • The size of your community
  • If it’s experiencing growth
  • Your school or organization’s relationships with local businesses
  • Any previous relationships with sponsors

Nevco Sports Marketing has seen all of this before with experience in small and large communities, understanding the best methods for attracting sponsors. From local businesses down the street to companies with national brand recognition, Nevco Sports Marketing has helped schools and organizations in rural, suburban and metropolitan locations reach their goals and maximize their revenue.


No athletic director or leader of a recreational facility should be expected or relied upon to figure out how to maximize the revenue of their budget on their own. Or, figure out how to preserve a budget and ensure any current obstacles do not become recurring ones. The same goes for businesses who are looking for new ways to grow.

That is why a turnkey approach, designed to meet the needs of any situation, is vital when selecting a sports marketing program. It is not just important to solve the issues of right now, but set up success for the long term with endless opportunities to maximize recurring revenue through existing or upgraded scoring equipment. Your scoring equipment may not only pay for itself- it may become the solution to avoid stagnation and become a strong source of growth altogether.

To ensure this happens, it is ok to ask the tougher questions where the rubber meets the road. A sports marketing program should be able to define a clear outline and timeline of the project and be able to meet those deadlines- not add any additional stress with vague plans or goals.

It is why Nevco Sports Marketing has successfully been able to help their partners for two decades and counting by being able to adjust to a school or organization’s unique situation without deviating from the original plan outlined in the initial evaluation. Communication is never outsourced either, ensuring anyone with questions will get answers in a timely manner so time and energy can be saved and allocated to other important tasks.


From start to completion, a sports marketing program should feel like a partner and extension of your team to help meet and even exceed your goals. At no point in the entire process should any school or organization be left in the dark wondering what happens next. Constant communication should be a given with continuous updates on the status of the program’s fundraising efforts. This has been a core tenet of Nevco Sports Marketing that has enabled the program to successfully help the schools and organizations that have entrusted it- because the success of a partner is Nevco’s success.

“I thought the process from start to finish was seamless. I met with the team and they walked me through the process, showed me how it would work and I handed it over to them,” said Marcus Miller, Athletic Director at Oakleaf High School in Orange Park, FL. “I received calls and updates every couple of weeks about the progress of selling ads. A few months later, a digital scorers table showed up.”

This is just one example of many that illustrates why Nevco Sports Marketing continues to believe in the mission of helping schools and organizations reach their goals. No obstacle or size of budget should prevent any organization from receiving the best equipment or maximizing their revenue.


If you’re interested in learning more about how Nevco Sports Marketing can help you secure new scoring equipment or maximize your revenue, visit, call 800-851-4040 or visit to get in touch with your local consultant. You can also reach Nevco Sports Marketing General Manager Kip Meyer through email at