Community Center Sports Scoreboards & Signage

Community centers are valuable assets to the areas they serve. People of all ages can visit their local community center for fitness classes, pick-up basketball games, exercise equipment, sports leagues, cultural events, and more. Therefore, these recreational facilities are thriving activity hubs and provide opportunities for local citizens to become involved.

Since community centers offer numerous activities and events that bring people together, it’s vital that everyone stays informed and gets the most out of their experience. Nevco manufactures, sells, installs, and services sports scoring and signage equipment for industries of all kinds. Each scoreboard, accessory, and signage solution we offer can significantly benefit your community members.

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Scoring Solutions for Community Centers

Nevco offers various scoreboards and accessories for every sport and level. Whatever your needs, you can trust our team of experts to create a custom integrated scoring solution that draws your community’s attention. Elevate visitor experience at your facility with the following quality products:

Basketball Scoreboards & Accessories

Community center gymnasiums boast numerous uses, such as casual pick-up games, youth leagues, alumni events, high school practices, tournaments, and more. Nevco offers fully integrated, easy-to-use basketball scoreboards and controller options that meet your needs. Plus, choose from various upgrades and add-ons to complete your package, such as LED fascia, scorers tables, possession indicators, and shot clocks.

Multi-Sport Solutions

We at Nevco understand that your community center offers various sports and activities under one roof. That’s why we offer multi-sport, intelligent caption™ scoreboards that electronically display multiple indoor sports scoring data and customizable team names in one system. Therefore, whether you host a volleyball tournament, basketball round-robin, or wrestling match, you can keep fans involved and updated with every play.

Hockey Scoreboards & Accessories

Many community centers host recreational leagues and tournaments in addition to higher-level hockey games. Nevco’s full lineup of hockey scoreboards and accessories has you covered. Choose from video displays, single-sided scoreboards, center-hung scoring solutions, goal lights, LED ribbon boards, and more. It’s never been easier to engage local families and fans!

Aquatics Scoring Solutions

Community centers take great pride in their aquatics. Enhance your local swim team’s practice and meet facilities with a customized scoring package. You can mix and match your products and accessories to create the perfect solution with Nevco, from wall-hung scoreboards and timers to sponsor advertising and video displays. Fans will never miss a splash!

Boost Community Awareness With Digital Signage

Community centers can reach numerous families, schools, businesses, and organizations as a centralized hub. Signage keeps passersby in the know, whether to inform citizens about the upcoming election, spread the word regarding a swim meet, or notify the public about an arts and crafts fair. Nevco offers digital marquee signs and user-friendly software to keep your community informed.

Our marquees utilize the best LED technology to display words, graphics, and more. Choose from numerous graphics and layouts from our software database to update your marquee anytime, anywhere. A digital marquee from Nevco can help keep your community updated and engaged.

Why Choose Nevco?

Since 1934, Nevco has met customers’ needs in numerous industries with quality sports scoring and signage solutions. We’re the largest privately owned scoreboard manufacturer in the world. We take pride in our ability to sell, build, install, service, and upgrade your integrated system, making us your only point of contact.

We utilize decades of experience in every step of our custom scoring package process. First, a consultant will assess your facilities, gather all relevant information, and listen to your needs and goals. Next, we’ll design a custom digital rendering of your scoring solution, taking all feedback into account until you’re fully satisfied.

Then, once we manufacture your scoreboards, displays, accessories, add-ons, and more, we’ll install everything and train you on best practices. If at any point you have questions, your products need servicing, or you would like to upgrade, we’re here to help. Our team is available every step of the way!

Get Started With Community Center Sports Scoreboards & Signage

At Nevco, we know your community center is the local gathering place for sports, cultural events, and other activities. It’s our goal to help you best serve your community with the highest quality scoring and signage solutions. Whatever your needs, you can trust our team to provide superior customer service, products, installations, and maintenance.

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