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UCM Takes It To the Next Level With Nevco

Greenville, IL- The University of Central Missouri has installed all new Nevco scoring solutions for their facilities to provide an exciting game day experience for the Mule community. UCM upgraded to a new four-sided center hung Nevco LED Video Display to their indoor arena and a show stopping 13’H x 35’W Full Color Video Display to their football field.

The indoor solution is a beautiful four-sided center hung with four 7H’ x 9’W 6mm video displays. Bringing it all together are 4 custom panels and a custom imprinted bottom with the Mules logo. UCM has already utilized their new displays for more than just basketball and hosted their annual athletic auction using the new display to show off the auction items.

Walton Stadium got a nice facelift with a thrilling new scoring solution as well. The main feature is a 13’h x 35’W 16mm Full Color Video display where they will show scores, game plays, fan prompts and revenue generating sponsors. Nevco was able to keep a piece of history and reuse the Mule Truss sitting on top of the video display. Below the large display lays a Custom 36’W Intelligent Caption LED Scoreboard.

“UCM’s recent projects were a huge success not only for Nevco, but for the entire University. Our team was tasked with taking old displays, and structures and designing concepts that would take UCM’s facilities to the next level. We were able to reuse a hoist system in the arena, and the old structure at the football stadium while still bringing the Universities vision to life. The biggest success was that I am now able to call Jerry Hughes (UCM Athletic Director) and Scott Thomason (Assistant Athletic Director/Facilities) true partners and not customers.  Our main goal when providing a new video display and scoring solution to customers is to always build relationships, and we have done exactly that at UCM,” says consultant, Josh Robbers.

With the new fan engagement experience and revenue generating opportunities, UCM has an exciting new atmosphere for the Mule fans.

Check out the winning project and be sure to check out Nevco social media channels for more photos!