Nevco works with each client to conceptualize, design, and manufacture state-of-the-art, custom baseball scoreboards, video displays, and full scoring solutions for stadiums and fields such as:

Large Independent League Stadiums

Minor League Ballparks

Colleges & Universities

High Schools

Community Little League Fields

Hit a grandslam with Nevco

Nevco is a prominent industry leader for a solid reason: quality. You’ll find it in our Display and Scoring Consultants, in each and every product, and in our installation and service, game after game, year after year. Nevco’s baseball and softball scoreboards are designed with unparalleled weather resistant technology that ensures your scoreboard investment lasts, allowing you to focus on the game and your fans always stay informed.

Smart Scoreboards

Nothing is more important than quickly knowing the exact score and key stats of the game. Intelligent Caption™ scoreboards from Nevco are the most technologically advanced in the industry. Electronic Team Names and Electronic Caption Plates allow you the most accurate scoring possible by utilizing LED caption matrixes that can either be added to your customized scoreboard or easily upgraded on your existing scoreboard. Great for multi-purpose fields and stadiums that host multiple team tournaments, so each team gets their personalized scoreboard when they walk on the field.

Customized for your needs

Only Nevco gives you the option to upgrade now or in the future. Our outdoor scoreboards let you start with a basic scoreboard model today and add-on later to build your dream baseball or softball scoreboard at your own pace. While other vendors make you throw out your existing scoreboard or upgrade to a new one, Nevco products are built to be upgradeable, so you can add on, instead of replace.

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Your New Baseball or Softball Scoreboard is Waiting!

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Nevco has a wide selection of baseball scoreboard sizes, product features, and scoring accessories to outfit any size field or stadium.

Basic scoring features that include home/guest score, inning digits, game stat indicators, and Electronic Team Name capabilities.

Complete inning by inning scoreboards inclusive of important game stats. Large enough to incorporate mascot, logo, or team name.

Play more than one sport on your field? Customize the scoreboard to your team and your sport, every time with Intelligent Captions. Every team gets their personalized scoreboard with the most accurate scoring possible.

Protect young pitchers with pitch count displays; further customize your scoreboard with personalized trusses; and consider revenue-generating signage. Nevco has the products to help you maximize your impact.

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Some of our most popular baseball and softball scoreboard models. From basic scoring to full-featured, inning by inning scoring displaying key game stats.

Scoring Solutions to Further Maximize Your Impact

Video Displays

Give your fans the ultimate game day experience and leave a lasting impression with our custom designed video displays and scoreboard solutions.


Message Centers

Nevco’s LED Message Centers provide the most flexible solution for advertising and conveying information to players and fans.


Stadium Sound

Maximize your fan experience with a professional-grade sound system integrated with your scoreboard or video display!