Nevco has signed an exclusive partnership with Scorbitz® to integrate Nevco scoring solutions with Scorbitz‘s industry-leading app for smart phones.

By connecting a simple Nevco/Scorbitz gateway device to your MPC scoreboard controller, you can automatically share your scoreboard data, time and score in real time with fans on their smart phones. You can also share your team’s schedules with your fans so they know when to tune in. Plus, Scorbitz can offer a new revenue stream for your athletic program through advertising in the app.

For Fans:

  • Get real-time, streaming scores and updates on your smart phone and other internet devices
  • Check upcoming game schedules
  • Receive push notifications to your phone to let you know the game is about to start and after the game with the final score

For Business:

  • Show support for local and regional teams
  • Highly targeted demographic for your ads
  • Mix and match table types: non-lit, rear-lit and LED segments
  • Maximizes customer options and budget

For Schools and Venues:

  • Unlimited advertising revenue
  • Enhance your relationships with fans and alumni