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GREENVILLE, IL, November 22, 2016– Richardson Stadium, home of the Queen’s University Gaels Football and Soccer programs in Kingston, ON, had something new from Nevco for their fans and players in  2016.

An exciting new attraction in the newly renovated stadium in Canada is a Nevco 20mm LED Full Color Video Display that stretches over 28’ wide and provides excellent image clarity with over 110,000 attention grabbing pixels. Aside from being able to show full screen video, the display has the capabilities to be sectioned off into different zones to show a combination of live play, in-game fan-prompts, statistical information and messages from sponsors simultaneously.

“The new video display and scoring solution upgrades to the stadium bring new opportunities for our programs. The solution will greatly improve the game-day experience for student-athletes, parents, fans and sponsors at our events,” says Leslie Dal Cin, Executive Director, Queen’s University Athletics & Recreation.

To make sure all fans in the stadium stay informed of the latest game score, the Gaels added a Nevco Intelligent Caption™ scoreboard with interchangeable Electronic Team Names. The scoreboard is 40’ wide and stands at 10’ tall and is designed for ultimate visibility with 30” digits and 20” Electronic Team Names, ensuring that all 8,000 plus seats in the stadium stay abreast of up-to-the-second scores and game stats. An open air arch decorative truss with HOME OF THE GAELS and the Q logo rests above the video display to top off the new scoring solution.

“It has been a pleasure to work with Queen’s University on their new scoring and video display project at Richardson Stadium.  We’ve collaboratively designed and installed a totally custom scoring solution that will bring a whole new atmosphere to the stadium,” says Nevco Large Venue Sales Director, Eric Light.

The new Nevco equipment added to Richardson Stadium was part of a revitalization  project that included updating the field to the latest turf technology, adding elevated seating for improved views for fans, modern stadium lighting and much more.

Check out the live install photos below and be sure to check out to plan your next video display and scoring solution project!


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