Display Director

Display Director provides a powerful platform to use up to 50 robust displays at the click of a mouse! Our impactful content management system allows you to organize stats, headshots, graphics, animation, ads and more in a simple platform. Display Director features include:

  • Easy & intuitive user interface
  • Controls any size display
  • Controls up to 50 unique displays with a single user interface
  • Simple clip server format
  • Locally-stored media for faster response times
  • Automatically scales content and images to fit display
  • Statistical information for tables and ribbon boards
  • Live video source switching via software
  • Real time pixel mapping
  • Create and store unlimited advertising playlists
  • Generate reports for sponsors
  • Supports wide range of file formats
  • Able to pull scoring and timing info from any major scoreboard maker
  • Capable of CG overlays of icons and logos


Download the Display Director brochure