Slim Shot Clocks – FIBA Compliant

FIBA Slim Shot Clocks conform with FIBA Shot Clock rules and complies with FIBA Basketball Equipment Rules for Backboards 2.7. They automatically shift time at 5.0 seconds to count down in tenths of seconds for compliance with FIBA Equipment Rules 10.2, and NBA Rule No. 7, Section 1.

Set comes with 2 clocks & 2 IAD boxes. Horn is encased in external box that can be mounted above or below the clock. Shot Clock, Horn, EOP Lights and Locker Room clock inputs are secured in the IAD box, included with each clock. End of Period horns match the scoreboard tone. Available in black only. Double sided Slim Shot Clock sets are available to order.

Three Different Models:

  • SSC-7-FIBA
    • 20″L x 20″H x 2″D
    • 30lbs
    • 13″ Shot Clock time
  • SSC-T5-FIBA:
    • 24″L x 24″H x 2″D
    • 50lbs
    • 5″ Game Time with 13″ Shot Clock Time
  • SSC-T9-FIBA:
    • 36″L x 30″H x 2″D
    • 58lbs
    • 9″ Game Time with 13″ Shot Clock Time