End of Period Lights – FIBA Compliant (EOP-F)

Automatically signals or lights when the time runs out at the end of the period. Complies with FIBA Basketball equipment Rules for Backboards 2.7

Fits 42″ or 48″ Backboards. Set of (2) End of Period Lights and set of (2) Shot Clock Expiration Lights for Basketball Courts. Connects to main scoreboard control, operates in conjunction with MPCW-7 control. Invisible when not lit. Bright, long-lasting, energy-efficient High Intensity Red and Yellow LEDs.

Can be programmed to illuminate at the end of shot time or at the sound of horn when used with SSC-7-FIBA, SSC-T5-FIBA, or SSC-T9-FIBA Shot Clocks and MPCW-7 Controller.