Model 8815: LED 10mm, Full Color Video Display



Nevco offers full color, 10mm Standard Indoor Video Displays that allow you flexibility without the complexity. Utilize the Model 8815 Video Display as your primary virtual scoreboard or mix and match with a traditional indoor scoreboard and other scoring accessories to generate additional sponsorship revenue. Nevco’s Model 8815 10mm Standard Indoor Video Display is nearly 6’H x 9’W providing 44,352 pixels to engage your fans for every home game!

Features and Benefits:

  • 4 week lead time. No other manufacturer in the industry can match our agility and manufacturing best practices to deliver the highest quality product quickly.
  • Industry’s best pricing. Our base package allows you to comfortably invest in a video display today and start generating additional sponsorship revenue.
  • Enhance as you grow. Invest in a base package today, begin generating revenue, and as your game-day operator’s knowledge of the system grows, you can add functionality such as virtual scoring and live camera feeds in the future.
  • Manufacturing excellence. American made, leading LED technology, and all products are made to UL Standards, the highest standards in the industry.
  • Lightweight Design and Low Power Consumption. All video displays are constructed with our proprietary aluminum cabinet design helping lower installation costs; and energy efficient designs help reduce power consumption.
  •  Display Director™ software included. With the investment in one of Nevco’s Standard Indoor Video Displays, you also receive Display Director, the industry’s most innovative, affordable and easy-to-use clip server/content management software.


        Weight 329 lbs

        5.92ft. x 8.66ft.
        1.80m. x 2.64

        Pixel Matrix


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