Model 8810 4-Face Full Matrix


The 8000 Series with virtual scoring is the latest technological innovation from Nevco. The 8000 Series is offered as both a full matrix virtual scoring option and as a hybrid virtual scoring option. Wedge panels, sides, and bottom of cabinet can be painted in any of our 15 standard colors.

By combining an LED matrix with a full-featured traditional scoreboard, Nevco’s hybrid scoring solution gives you the best of both worlds: full matrix virtual scoreboard flexibility at a traditional scoreboard price. Hybrid scoring offers you the flexibility to communicate important events, excite your fans, highlight players, display statistics and promote sponsors. All of this functionality is offered with the appearance of a one-piece installation.

Hybrid Scoreboards include the NEVCO SPORTS COMPOSER SOFTWARE:

When you step up to Nevco’s virtual scoring solutions you will be in good hands with Nevco’s proprietary software, Nevco Sports Composer. It’s like getting every scoreboard in the catalog in one plus having the full functionality of a Nevco message center:

  • Scoreboard templates for all sports
  • Exciting game-time animations
  • Flexibility to switch between scoring information, animations and scheduled playlists
  • Complete scheduling functions
  • Instant messaging
  • Import graphics
  • Design your own: Graphics, Animations, Playlists & Projects
  • Adjust play speeds for maximum impact
  • Repeat frames for added emphasis
Color Choices
  • Print Black
  • Navy Blue
  • Royal Blue
  • Silver Grey
  • Team Orange
  • Teal Blue
  • Midnight Blue
  • Medium Purple
  • Electronic Blue
  • Desert Tan
  • Forest Green
  • Golden Yellow
  • Maroon
  • Kelly Green
  • Cardinal Red
      Weight 1220 lbs
      Dimensions 10.83 ft. x 9.5 ft. x 3 ft.

      Midnight Blue, Royal Blue, Navy Blue, Medium Purple, Silver Gray, Desert Tan, Electronic Blue, Teal Blue, Maroon, Cardinal Red, Team Orange, Golden Yellow, Forest Green, Kelly Green, Print Black


      Basketball, Volleyball, Wrestling, Hockey

      Basketball Scoreboards

      Nevco is a prominent industry leader for a solid reason: quality. You’ll find it in our Display and Scoring Consultants, in each and every product, in our installation and in the countless years of peak performance, game after game.

      Virtual Scoring Operation

      Nevco's virtual scoring solutions are designed to be both easy to install and easy to operate. Once the system is installed, all it takes is a quick click of the mouse to easily toggle back and forth between important scoring data in the scoreboard mode, to the in-game instant message function to excite the fans, or to the advertising playlists to promote your sponsors.