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New Intelligent Caption™ Scoreboards

Put away your ladders – these scoreboards are smart enough to change their own caption plates. NEW Intelligent Caption TM scoreboards from Nevco are the industry’s first and only intelligent scoreboards that use LED caption matrixes to display sport specific captions for basketball, volleyball and wrestling.

Just turn on your wired or wireless controller and the Intelligent Captions automatically display sport specific captions for the sport you’re playing.

  • Automatic and instant caption selection
  • Basketball: Fouls, Player and Time Outs Left (TOL)
  • Volleyball: Won, Set and Time Outs Left (TOL)
  • Wrestling: Points and Weight or Advantage Timer
  • Operates with wired or wireless controller
  • No caption plates to change (put that ladder away)
  • Available in 10-ft or 12-ft widths
  • Electronic Team Name (ETN) option INCLUDED as a standard feature

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