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The Nevco Process: A Smooth Installation to Guarantee Memorable Fan Experience

Choosing a new video board to enhance the fan experience at your athletic facility can feel like a daunting project with multiple consideration points. You’ve done your homework and found a video board and developed a sports marketing game-plan to realize a return on this investment. But how much thought have you given to the project management during the installation process? This is the piece of the puzzle that, if done incorrectly, can often create headaches for athletic directors and facility managers.

Integrating a video solution into any environment can be challenging, which is why you need a partner who can facilitate a smooth installation to mitigate expensive change orders and unbudgeted expenses. At Nevco, we not only manufacture next-generation video boards for indoor and outdoor use, we also developed an industry-leading project management system for installation. The Nevco Process is time-tested to deliver maximum customer satisfaction. There are five major project phases to consider during this process: Design, Pre-Installation, Construction, Training & Support, and Ongoing Success.

Design and Planning: It All Starts with Our Consultative Approach

You have the vision; we’re here to help! We like to make the process collaborative, which means listening to your ideas and goals, and providing concept designs and proposals free of charge. With your vision in mind, a dedicated Sports Video Consultant and the Project Management Team will take the time to help you select which pixel pitch, display size, and hardware specs best match your venue and budget.

A video board can do more than simply entertain, it can also serve as a major income stream. Don’t worry if you’re not experienced in leveraging a video system to generate revenue. Our Sports Marketing Consultants will help you brainstorm sponsorship and advertising packages that maximize your investment.

Initial Multi-Team, Pre-Installation Site Visit

The Nevco Process continues with a site visit that includes our experts, you, and your key stakeholders. During this stage, the parties agree on the complementing products, ancillary scoreboards, scoring accessories, sound considerations, cabling, connectors, and other pieces necessary to bring your vision to life. Our experience has taught us that listening to the client and identifying their available resources leads to the best possible result.

Our team members evaluate the building or facility, location, soil conditions, climate, and existing scoreboard structure to determine how best to install your video solution. This site visit is the perfect time to review your needs and the goals you wish to accomplish. Discussing these items right at the site helps us design the perfect video solution.

We like to think comprehensively, so we also discuss how your control room will function, and how many audio/video personnel will be needed on gameday to operate the video system. Our consultants will create a riser diagram that displays all the required equipment and the connections throughout the facility. Additionally, they will present a control room layout that shows what equipment will be housed inside. This allows clients to see the set-up and make a plan to have the proper people in place. Our consultants will address any concerns or provide alternative options in the event that you don’t have the ideal number of people to operate the equipment.

Seamless Coordination During Installation Ensures System Performance

Our Project Management Team excels at the complex coordination required to manage this type of large-scale project. We manage all aspects of installation, so you can focus on your core athletic operations responsibilities. We assemble a robust team of professionals and supervise the entire process for a frictionless installation. This includes contracting the installer who will provide mechanical installation, and finding the electrical team to install wiring, and ensure proper signal and Cat5 cable connections. Finally, our team coordinates and takes care of testing the display to give clients confidence that all components of the video solution will consistently perform for years to come. While not all issues or problems can be foreseen, we expeditiously resolve challenges to avoid any impact to the project scope and timeline.

Post-Installation Training and Support is the Key to Success

Getting your Nevco display up and running doesn’t mark the end of our commitment. You need to be able to use your video system to its fullest potential—immediately. One of our on-site technicians will train selected personnel of your choosing on the equipment so they feel comfortable with the technology. After a new video board is installed, it is connected to Nevco’s physical controller and tested with our content manager software. During training, we’ll review the display software manual and answer any questions. We’ll discuss specific uses such as: setting up pre-made animations or intro videos, virtual scoring templates, headshots, integrating the video board with the game day production, and even video board repair if desired. Training can last anywhere between 15 minutes and 7 hours depending on the operator skill level and the complexity of the video system. Your on-site technician’s goal is to familiarize your team with your equipment and its functions, and leave training set up for success.

Even with training, staff still might find it daunting to use the equipment come gameday, so we offer on-site support for the first game or event of the client’s choosing. The same technician who conducted training will oversee this first event and offer assistance so the unveiling of your new display to your fans, sponsors, and community is successful.
Following the first event, Nevco will remain by your side with additional remote training to further develop the skills of the operators. The Nevco Process is all about making sure you continue to get the most out of your video solution. At any point after installation, we offer 24/7 support through our online ticketing system, which provides clients with a timely response from a service representative, typically within 24 business hours after submitting a ticket.

Ensuring Your Video Board Looks Good

A video board looks only as good as the live-feed, graphics, and animations that play across the display. Old, stale graphics won’t captivate an audience’s attention. This is where Nevco’s HYPE Creative Services comes in. We create high-quality graphics and animations including fan prompts, races & shuffles, logo animations, interactive sponsorship games, noise meters, and headshot templates designed to excite and captivate. This service gives you even more opportunities to feature your players, engage fans, and generate revenue. HYPE Creative Services has experience producing dynamic, modern graphics for some of the most recognizable teams in professional and collegiate athletics.

Nevco goes beyond the competition by not only providing the best in video hardware for the live sports and events industry, but also by providing a project management process designed to give clients the support they need to enhance engagement and deliver the maximum return on their investment.