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Who is NCL Government Capital?

NCL Government Capital provides flexible, customized financing solutions to empower state and local government, education and tribal nations to build a better tomorrow. They strive to partner with and educate clients on the intricacies and advantages of municipal financing options, while proudly offering a competitively-bid financing contract awarded by Sourcewell, the largest government purchasing cooperative of its kind in the country. Working together, NCL and Sourcewell simplify the municipal procurement process and expedite project completion saving you time & money.


How do they benefit your facility? 

Specializing in government lending, NCL Government Capital combines the advantages of Sourcewell cooperative purchasing with competitively-bid funding solutions with their own exclusively awarded contract for financing. NCL allows you to maximize your budget with increased purchasing power, payment structures tailored to your budget cycle and the ability to defer payment and include 100% of your project including soft cost.


How do I utilize cooperative purchasing and take advantage of financing through NCL Government Capital?

1. Find the Nevco product that suits your needs

2. Obtain a quote via a Nevco rep or contact Katie at NCL

3. Complete the purchase! The NCL team compiles all required documentation and funds the project allowing Nevco to install the equipment.


What is a tax-exempt municipal lease?

Tax-Exempt Municipal Lease is similar to a loan with the exception of the non-appropriation clause. The agency takes ownership of the equipment (or project) from day one, and NCL Government Capital is a secured party. There are no end of lease options to buy, renew or return equipment. The agency owns the equipment free and clear upon NCL’s receipt of the last payment.


What are the benefits of a TEML?

Tax-Exempt Municipal Lease Purchase is often the lowest cost option available to agencies who qualify. NCL, as the lender, is exempt from paying income tax on the earnings from the least, which translates into lower interest for the agency making the purchase. The lease includes a non-appropriation clause. The lease does not include end of lease buyouts, returns costs or renewals. This form of financing is often used when the agency’s intent it to own the equipment long term.



NCL Government Capital is ready to help you with municipal financing options. For more questions or more information contact: 

Katie Vangsness

katiev@nclgovcap.com |  866.763.7600

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