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Modernize Your School’s History and Legacy with a Digital Wall of Fame

In a changing world, the Digital Wall of Fame began with a simple question- how to communicate with people the way they are used to consuming information today.

While trophy cases, yearbooks or banners have preserved special memories that make up the history and legacy of a school, it became clear this could be achieved in a less static and more engaging way in the digital age to bring the history to life. The Digital Wall of Fame is an interactive resource that allows the entire story of a school to be found in one place and quickly accessed by anyone at the touch of a fingertip.

VitalSigns, a company that has specialized in storytelling platforms across mobile, digital signage and web applications for nearly 25 years, began working with focus groups of athletic directors to bring the concept to life and it was not long before it became reality as more and more schools decided to modernize their Hall of Fame.

Nevco and VitalSigns Team Up

It did not take long for the Wall of Fame to come into the purview of Nevco, the oldest and largest privately held scoreboard manufacturer in the world that has been proud to provide over 100,000 installations through the course of 80 years and counting. Upon visiting different arenas and complexes throughout the country, one question kept coming up- “Do you have this product?”

A partnership was soon born to offer the best product, value and support in the industry.

Tell the Stories

The technology is just the tool and the avenue- it is the story that matters and what people care about the most. Now, trophies, banners or record boards of athletic triumphs or a work of art can have a story and face to it. Pictures, videos, press clippings, programs, books and more can all be part of the Wall of Fame and help you tell the story of your school. The options are endless and the size of the audience you reach is endless because the compelling content will also be available on your website- not just in a physical location at your school.

Digital Wall of Fame at Mercyhurst University

Digital Wall of Fame at Mercyhurst University in Erie, PA.

“The Wall of Fame has been a great, high-tech modern addition to our facility at Mercyhurst University and our fans, students and community love it,” said Allison Brace, Director of Club Sports and Administrative Services at Mercyhurst University in Erie, Pennsylvania.

“The programming is easy to learn, understand and implement, which makes updating the system for viewers as easy as ‘One, Two, Three.’ The staff have been incredible to work with and the customer support they have provided has been top notch. We are thrilled to have the Wall of Fame in our athletic center lobby.”

How To Tell the Stories

The Wall of Fame is available in a Wall Mount, Floor Stand or Wall Enclosure style, ranging from 55 to 85-inch displays to best suit the needs of your school. The content itself features 21 different template options, over 50 design layout possibilities and new templates or layouts can be created based on need.

Overall, the Wall of Fame was designed to share the entire legacy of a school, not just athletics, academics or the arts alone. Hall of Fame members, induction ceremonies, video tributes, historical teams, records, student art, yearbooks, class composites, distinguished alumni, the history of your school itself and more can all be preserved forever. And, there is no limit to the amount of content that can be shared.

Assistance and Support

When you get a Wall of Fame for your school, you also get a content advocate who is an expert and will provide support for the lifetime of ownership. It is their duty to understand your purpose and why you brought this asset to your school. They will help you visualize and execute the layout, making it easy to navigate your school’s content and help employ the best practices. They are there to help train you so it can simply become as simple as plugging and placing new content. Whether school personnel want to start uploading content themselves or utilize a hands-off approach and have the content advocate do the uploading, they are there to assist you through the entire process.

Getting Started

The story of your school matters and we are proud to help you share that story with as many people as possible.

To learn more, you can visit If you’re ready to start planning your school’s Wall of Fame, call 800-851-4040 to get in touch with your dedicated local scoring and display consultant.