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Let Sports Marketing Drive Your Athletic Revenue

Should we expect a High School athletic department to be financially self-sustaining?

In a recent NCAA study, all but 20 of the ‘Power 5’ Athletic programs lose money on athletics each year. If major University programs are unable to turn a profit, how are High School athletic departments expected to do so? As expenses continue to grow, Athletic Departments need to adopt new ways to increase their operating budgets, at both the Collegiate and High School level.

Lacking the resources of major Universities, fundraising often falls back on the shoulders of the Athletic Director. To assist, Nevco expanded its sports marketing division to assist schools in generating more revenue by way of corporate and local sponsorship through our industry experience.

3 Ways we can help:

Utilizing your existing equipment: Whether you have an existing, or a brand-new scoreboard or video display, we can leverage your scoring solution to generate new athletic revenue for your school’s budget. A scoreboard, or video display, offers prime advertising opportunity for local businesses as all eyes are on it throughout the entire game. With our team of experts, we will work with you to identify sponsorship opportunities and determine the value of your ad space inventory to maximize the return-on-investment of your scoreboards.

Funding for your new equipment: With the growth in facility demands, we know athletic budgets can be restrictive. Our sports marketing division will work with your Athletic Department in identifying your specific scoring solution desires and create the partnerships to generate the revenue to purchase the new equipment.

Consulting: The concern with High School athletics is the time, or lack thereof, that an Athletic Director can devote towards effective athletic marketing. However, should the resources be available internally, our consulting services provide industry price points, contractual guidelines, revenue renewal breakdown, and sponsor artwork specifications that will allow your school the ability to maximize its revenue potential.

What should you consider in partnering with Nevco:

Industry Expertise: To date, our sports marketing team has worked with over 400 school athletic departments and provided more than $3.5 million in new revenue to their athletic budgets through corporate and local business partnerships. In addition, another $14.5 million in equipment has been provided through the use of the program as well.

Time Commitment: Athletic Directors are often responsible for the growth of their athletic budget. However, their time is limited and lack the assistance necessary to devote enough time to truly maximize new financial opportunities. Our sports marketing team is designed to work for you and our focus is providing you with new revenue streams.

Turn-key Process: With our turn-key approach, our team will handle the sponsorship sale, the contractual terms, the graphic designs, accounting, and the renewal process of existing sponsorships. Our sports marketing division is built to drive your high school’s athletic revenue.

Let us do the work for you. Athletic fundraising and driving new revenue can be a challenge for many schools, but it is what we do every day.

For more information on sports marketing, please give us a call or reach out by email.

Eric Beadle

Marketing Manager