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Jacksonville Jumbo Shrimp Collaborate with HYPE Creative Services for Rebranding Graphics

GREENVILLE, IL, February 8, 2017 – The Jacksonville Jumbo Shrimp in Jacksonville, FL collaborated with Nevco’s HYPE Creative Services to bring their new team name and mascot to life with custom in-game graphics for the 2017 season.

The Jacksonville Jumbo Shrimp, formerly known as the Jacksonville Suns, are a Double-A affiliate of the MLB Miami Marlins. With the recent transition to their new team alias, the Jumbo Shrimp, have partnered with HYPE Creative Services, a division of Nevco, to keep fans entertained all season long with exciting new branded content.

To create a cohesive look for their first season as the Jumbo Shrimp, HYPE will be designing customized in-game graphics including custom 3D Logo Animations, Noise Meters, Headshot Templates, and Sponsorship Races. You can check out the new in-game graphics when the Shrimp hit Bragan Field this April!

Check out the image below of the 3D Logo Animation for the newly re-branded mascot!

Jumbo Shrimp








About HYPE Creative Services: HYPE Creative Services became a division of Nevco in 2015, producing high quality in-game graphics such as pre-game intros, energizing fan prompts, dynamic headshot templates and revenue-generating sponsorship games. HYPE Creative Services accommodates venues and budgets of all sizes by creating custom packages for each client. Nevco is the largest private manufacturer and provider of video display, scoring and audio solutions. For over 80 years, Nevco has been recognized for its specialty in designing custom facility solutions, quality of products, and superior long term financial value. Today, Nevco scoreboards, video displays, sound systems, and graphics from HYPE are used to enhance the fan experience at events in more than 100,000 locations around the world. For more information on Nevco, visit their website at