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How Your School Can Receive Scoreboards At No Cost

Greenville, IL, September 11, 2020 – For over 85 years, Nevco has been committed to providing the best scoring solutions for their customers and working together to develop a trusting partnership.

With our Sports Marketing division, Nevco provides scoring solution enhancements requiring little to no financial obligation from the school, while adding new revenue streams to the school’s athletic budget.

With a partnership between Hilliard High School of Nassau, FL and the Nevco team, the school received two model 2750 basketball scoreboards at no cost to them. “As an athletic department, our budget is limited when it comes to facility upgrades” said Jason Collins, Hilliard Athletic Director. “We reached out to Nevco and after discussions, sports marketing was positioned to fulfill our needs. Through their expertise, we have two brand new scoreboards.”

Matthew Frey, Nevco Scoring Consultant, helped initiate the process. “Our goal at Nevco is to be a partner with our customers” said Frey. “With the addition of our sports marketing division, we have the ability to still solve a need, while providing added value.”

Benefits of Sports Marketing:

The sports marketing division offers more than the ability to provide new scoreboards, but rather, a complete turn-key process designed to alleviate the long list of responsibilities an Athletic Director must manage day to day.

  • Generate sponsorship sales to fund the new equipment
  • Custom graphic design to meet a Sponsor’s requirement
  • Managing accounting and contractual agreements
  • Contract renewals on behalf of the school

“What we provide is just one more solution for a school” says Spencer Jared, Director of Sponsorship Sales. “Our services give schools the ability to fulfill their needs when budget is an issue, while saving an Athletic Director time, which is certainly at a premium.”

To Date:

Because of the expertise that Nevco’s Sports Marketing team brings, they have been able to assist over 400 schools and have paid more than $3,000,000 in generated revenue, while providing more than $10,500,000 in free facility enhancements.

Next Up:

With the scoreboards installed, the Nevco team will continue to generate sponsorship sales designed to maximize the revenue earning potential. Upon expiration of contractual terms with each Sponsor, Nevco will look to renew those relationships to further assist Hilliard’s athletic budget.

For more information on Nevco and their sports marketing division, please visit the Nevco website: